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VersionOne is an all-in-one agile project management tool built from the ground up to support agile software development methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, SAFe and hybrid. From small teams to distributed enterprises, VersionOne’s suite of right-sized product editions help companies scale agile faster, easier and smarter.


Take advantage of more than 45 pre-built integration connectors to extend VersionOne and create a single, synchronized agile software development environment. Connectors are available for all VersionOne product editions, or you can build your own using VersionOne’s open, web-service API and SDKs (Java & .NET).

Training & Services

We offer world class agile and product training to help you quickly get started with agile and easily scale VersionOne across your organization. Whether you’re looking for basic training or dedicated on-site coaching you’ll find what you need to make your transition to agile faster and easier.


VersionOne has been selected and successfully deployed by over 50,000 teams in over 170 countries around the world and more than 35 Fortune 100 companies using agile software development and scrum development practices. Our customers include many of the leading technology organizations in the world.


We realize that the agile expertise that our partners offer is a critical part of a customer’s success in adopting, transitioning and scaling their agile initiatives. By leveraging the unique expertise of our global partner network, VersionOne is able to offer superior agile training, coaching and consulting services based on our customers’ specific needs

About Us

VersionOne helped pioneer the agile management tool in 2002 - way before it was the cool thing to do in the software development market. Today we remain the only enterprise software company that has been 100% dedicated to agile life cycle management since day one.

Getting Started with Agile So you’ve made the decision to implement agile methods. Now what? Whether you are starting with Scrum development, Lean/Kanban or a hybrid approach, we’ve got the basics to help you get started. From our popular Agile Checklist and Agile Development Poster to informative agile webinars, get practical tips on how to get started with agile.

  • AgileLiveAgile Leadership for the Enterprise

    The 2013 State of Agile survey, 52% of the responses said that the ability to change organizational cultures is the most significant barrier to further adoption of agile practices. For insights into how agile leadership competencies can drive culture change and agile success, watch this webinar with David Rubinstein, editor-in-chief of SD Times, and Pete Behrens, well-known leadership and organizational agility coach with Trail Ridge Consulting.

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  • The Agile PMO

    Agile processes such as Scrum and Kanban have changed the way PMOs carry out their responsibilities. What impact do agile processes have on each area of the PMO -- Project Management, Program Management and Portfolio Management? Why are more PMOs bringing the perspective of Portfolio Management down to the project level, and why should you care?

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  • The Agile Developer

    There’s much more to being agile than just doing work in two-week chunks and working in the same room. Agile development requires a change in the actual methods of how developers work. The transition itself is not easy at first, but highly rewarding.

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  • AgileLiveAre You Working on the Right Stuff?

    Find out how to take agility beyond the team and start using agile techniques at the strategic planning level. Learn what agile portfolio management really is, how it can help your organization and what you need to do to get started.

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  • Agile Metrics and Measurement

    This presentation explores how agile teams estimate and plan, what they measure, and how these metrics are used to manage projects.

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  • Empowering the Agile Team

    In this webcast, the benefits of "letting go" and trusting the team are explained.

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  • Adopting Agile

    This webcast discusses ways to ensure the success of agile adoption on a broad scale based on several critical factors.

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  • A Day in the Life of a User Story

    This presentation talks through the life of a user story using Scrum principles to explore different processes of creating, maintaining and developing a story.

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  • Begin with Values

    In this presentation, the importance of values and the role they play in driving behavior will be discussed.

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  • Creating and Scaling Blended Agile Teams

    This webcast explores how to integrate agile practices into the overall organization with minimal disruption to day-to-day work.

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  • Tale of Two Teams

    Measuring Productivity Based on a Traditional Versus Agile Approach: This webcast contrasts the project management styles of two XP/Agile teams.

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  • Measuring Agility: The Top 5 Metrics

    This session explains the Top 5 agile metrics to measure along with the Top 5 pitfalls to avoid.

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  • Agile 101: Basic Measurements

    This webcast explores basic agile metrics and pitfalls to avoid.

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  • User Story Essentials

    This session focuses on providing the knowledge necessary to either get started with stories or refine an existing practice.

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  • The Algorithms and Architecture of Agile vs. Traditional Software Development

    This webcast examines traditional and Agile development from an architectural and algorithmic perspective.

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  • Breaking the Major Release Habit

    This webcast examines the various factors involved with agile development and discusses the pros and cons so you can make an informed choice.

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  • Agile Basics

    This webcast explores the origins of Agile, how Agile differs from the way you work today and why Agile works.

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  • How to Get Started with Agile

    So you are considering going agile, huh? Your biggest question is probably “where do I start?” This webinar will help you answer that question and get you started down the road to agility.

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  • VersionOne Agility Calculator

    Although by no means scientific, you can test how agile your team is by rating the team on our 10 agility factors.

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  • Agile Tool Evaluator Guide (for beginners)

    This guide is helpful in highlighting functionality to target as you begin to implement an agile management tool.

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  • Agile Development Poster

    Get the poster that has become the industry standard for understanding agile processes.

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  • The Agile Checklist

    While no single document delivers all of the ammunition teams need to find their agile rhythm, this set of agile meeting and facilitation checklists offers an easy framework to help you get started.

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  • Five Myths of Agile Development

    This white paper is based on experience with hundreds of teams around the globe including many of the Fortune 100 and presents five commonly held myths associated with agile development.

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  • The Agile Business Analyst (BA)

    In this white paper, you will gain insight into the impact of agile development methodologies on the business analyst community.

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  • The Agile Executive

    Read this white paper to gain insight into how the role of an executive changes to "servant leader", and what this really means, when working with teams that are "agile". The paper contrasts the "agile" executive’s role vs. their role in a traditional "command and control" environment.

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  • Kanban for Agile Teams

    Organizations that are interested in adopting or improving agile methods should evaluate the underlying principles behind Kanban. This white paper will discuss how the principles of Kanban can work together with more traditional agile methodologies.

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