Case Studies

Learn how a variety of organizations use VersionOne to streamline and manage agile projects, whatever they may be - from epics, stories, and defects to goals, programs, and impediments, VersionOne helps teams of all sizes deliver software faster.




€œVersionOne is the only enterprise tool that can manage work effectively for very large-scale development involving multiple teams across the world.€

Bennet Vallet, Agile Strategist

Siemens Health Services (HS), the health IT business unit of Siemens Healthcare, is a global provider of enterprise healthcare information technology solutions to hospitals and large physician group practices. HS decided to comprehensively redesign their agile methodology, shifting from a time-boxed agile approach to a continuous flow approach. HS faced the challenge of fully deploying Kanban across 40-50 teams around the world and through all management practices without interrupting workflow and productivity.

Read the Siemens Success Story to find out how VersionOne’s flexible ALM platform and comprehensive DataMart facilitated a successful enterprise-level shift in HS’ agile development model and enabled the company to reduce administrative maintenance time by 70%.


€œVersionOne is a great partner. The company continues to innovate to meet the needs of the agile marketplace. They are justifiably one of the top agile ALM vendors.€

Matt Anderson, Director of Program Management,
Cerner Corporation

Cerner Corporation is a global supplier of health information technology solutions, services, devices and hardware. The company’s proven health information technologies connect systems, people, and information to increase quality of care while reducing costs at approximately 14,000 health care facilities around the world. Cerner knew it had to accelerate its products€™ time to market to help clients navigate health care reform and to stay competitive in the rapidly changing industry.

Read the Cerner Success Story to find out how the company reduced its product time to market by 75% by adopting agile methodologies and leveraging the VersionOne enterprise agile application lifecycle management (agile ALM) platform.


€œVersionOne provides a framework that helps guide teams toward agile best practices.€

John Trainor, CIO

With more than 2,115 stores in the U.S. and Canada, Aaron’s is a leading retailer for office furniture, consumer electronics, home appliances and accessories. Aaron’s needed to replace the point-of-sale system described as “the lifeblood of the company.” Aaron’s teams used VersionOne to manage the six-year process of building CustomerCore, which will be used by more than 19,000 users and will process approximately three billion dollars of business a year.

Read the Aaron’s Success Story to learn how the flexibility, scalability and visibility gained with the VersionOne agile ALM suite helped them build “the most important application within the company”.

FHL Bank

€œVersionOne helps us identify the work that needs to be done, prioritize what€™s important, and keep track of projects once they€™re in progress. It€™s so easy to understand, it€™s always up to date and it€™s available to everyone no matter where they are.€

Greg King, Assistant Director of ITSD
Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta (FHLBank Atlanta) is a cooperative bank that offers competitively priced financing, community development grants, and other banking services to member financial institutions. Before starting down the path to agile in late 2010, FHLBank Atlanta was struggling with software quality issues and delayed releases. Since then the organization has reduced the number of open product tickets by 92% and is consistently delivering projects on time and within budget.

Read the FHLBank Atlanta Success Story to learn how the combination of implementing agile in conjunction with VersionOne has resulted in a €œnight-and-day difference€ compared with where the Bank was two years ago.


€œThe world before VersionOne was marked by inconsistency and time consuming manual tasks. Making the move from SharePoint and Excel to VersionOne transformed how we work.€

René Rosendahl, Manager,
Project Management Office (PMO), Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book, the leading provider of new- and used-car information, is the only vehicle valuation and information source trusted and relied upon by both consumers and the industry. Nearly three years ago, the project managers and ScrumMasters at Kelley Blue Book were growing increasingly disillusioned with the homegrown tools in place to support the company€™s software development teams. To improve the company€™s software development processes and workflow systems, the consensus was to select a tool purpose-built to support agile methodologies.

Read more about how VersionOne provided Kelley Blue Book with a centralized system for all agile teams, a consistent development process, global backlog visibility and built-in agile reporting and analytics.

Read the Kelley Blue Book Success Story.


€œI was here before and after we began using VersionOne. Simply put, there is a night and day difference. Two years later, we€™re still reaping the value; we know we made the right choice.€

Jason Fulton, Project Manager & ScrumMaster, Advertising Technology, AOL Inc.

In late 2007 Project Manager Jason Fulton recognized the need to improve the software development process used by the technology department within AOL Advertising, AOL€™s advertising business unit. AOL needed a centralized project planning and management solution that was capable of scaling with the ever-expanding operation which quickly grew into more than 350 engineers, testers, product and project managers, architects, stakeholders and technical management. Fulton needed to make a decision. He consulted industry-leading agile experts, had candid conversations with numerous professional colleagues and assessed many factors, from industry reputation to insider buzz, all within a short timeframe. According to Fulton, €œThe evidence lined up in favor of VersionOne.€

Read the AOL Inc. Success Story to learn how VersionOne provided a global view of programs, critical analysis and reporting, improved relationships with stakeholders and reduced time to delivery.


€œEnabling significant improvement in our software delivery was paramount. VersionOne has given us the ability to turn on a dime and quickly react to both market and customer needs.€

Jorge Rodriguez Sr. Vice President of Product Development, Axway

Axway is a Business Interaction Networks company which provides the tools to manage, run, secure and monitor all business interactions for today€™s organizations. With a complex team and development structure, Axway needed to maintain a high level of communication across functions and locations to ensure success. After testing several open-source tools, Jorge was unimpressed by the lack of functionality and visibility they provided. Next, they evaluated VersionOne and quickly realized that only VersionOne could meet all of their needs, so they made the decision to move to VersionOne.

Read the Axway Success Story to learn how VersionOne significantly improved their software development operating model by supporting the adoption and implementation of agile methods throughout the organization.

Tideworks Technology

€œEveryone at the company uses VersionOne to some extent and from a management perspective it€™s now considered a necessity.€

Thomas Rucker, Vice President of Products, Tideworks Technology

Tideworks is a leading provider of cost-effective, reliable software solutions for growing terminal operations and shipping lines worldwide. With 170+ people involved in software development across the world, and without a standard method for planning and tracking projects, executing on priorities was a complicated endeavor. Tideworks realized they needed a more robust project management tool to get the job done.

Read the Tideworks Technology Success Story to learn how VersionOne€™s agile development software enhanced team collaboration, improved project visibility and reduced time to delivery.

€œVersionOne has become the perfect transparent and efficient vehicle for improving our development process while reflecting our agile culture – VersionOne is agile made easier.€

Ricki Koinig, Tools Team Lead, bwin Interactive Entertainment, AG

The world€™s largest publicly-traded online gaming company, bwin supports more than one million users in 22 languages and over 70,000 financial transactions per day. They understand what it takes to build scalable software. As bwin scaled agile methods across 25 development teams in four countries, they knew they needed a tool that could reinforce process consistency, synchronize work efforts, and provide real-time visibility and reporting. Additionally, stakeholders outside the development organization needed to collaborate on projects, driving the need for project visibility and transparency into the development process.

After evaluating multiple tools, ranging from basic freeware to specialized management tools to all-in-one solutions, bwin chose VersionOne. They felt VersionOne was the best end-to-end agile management platform to enable integrated planning and project tracking across the company. Today, bwin uses VersionOne throughout the organization to provide centralized agile management and reporting, resulting in a 12x improvement in predictability of software delivery.

Read the bwin Success Story and learn why their €œTool Team€ selected VersionOne.


€œVersionOne was the clear winner. It not only makes Scrum easier to manage across a global organization, but we really like the VersionOne people and their culture – these factors also stood out in the evaluation process.€

– Charles Evans, CTO, PP&M Division
~ Patrick Holcomb, EVP Global B.D. PP&M Division

Intergraph Process, Power & Marine division is the world’s leading provider of enterprise engineering software for the design, construction and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities. In 2007, they began the challenging move from waterfall development to Scrum. Using VersionOne, Intergraph was able to implement a consistent planning and development process enabling them to easily scale agile across multiple teams resulting in a 5% – 10% productivity improvement. Their implementation of Scrum has been so successful their marketing department now practices agile.

Read the Intergraph case study to learn how they gained visibility, transparency and resource utilization with VersionOne€™s agile and Scrum tools.

Read the Intergraph Success Story to learn why Intergraph chose VersionOne.

Eos Group

€œVersionOne€™s Enterprise solution was a strategic factor in rolling out agile in our distributed company. I€™m not sure we would have been as successful without it.€

– Warren Elliott, Director of Development, Eos Group

Eos Group builds software for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries. They know firsthand that the right tool makes any job easier, whether it’s building a skyscraper or creating a software system to make pre-construction tasks more manageable. So when the time came to convert his distributed team to an agile methodology three years ago, Development Manager Warren Elliott made finding the right agile tool one of his highest priorities. €œI needed a tool that spoke agile and would encourage my team to think and speak agile, too,€ says Warren. €œVersionOne spoke agile and gave us just the right amount of functionality we needed for our environment. The tool was a good fit for our needs.€

Read the Eos Group Success Story to learn why Eos Group chose VersionOne.


€œAlthough [PeopleCube] had been using another agile project management tool, we had so many challenges and concerns with it that when the contract came up for renewal, we made the decision to scrap the tool and start over. This time we chose VersionOne.€

– Joe Karbowski, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Innovation, PeopleCube

PeopleCube is in business to help organizations reduce costs and enhance productivity through innovative workplace, resource and energy management solutions. Yet for a time, managing the logistics of their own software development process was a challenge. The traditional waterfall development system they had in place had been adequate for developing €œfrom scratch€ projects, but when it came to adding capabilities to their existing products as the market evolved around them, they found it was holding them back. With no time for lengthy spec and design phases for products that might be irrelevant by the time they were released, PeopleCube did what more and more companies are doing: moved to an agile development process and, after a false start, found VersionOne that supported their new structure. They€™ve never looked back.

Read more about PeopleCube’s experience and why they chose VersionOne.

Liquid Machines

€œLiquid Machines is actively developing nine products, each of which has up to four releases every year. In addition, we€™re working on a separate, internal automation project. Each project has a dedicated team that is spread across multiple countries and timezones. With VersionOne Enterprise, it all works! It€™s amazing!€

– Jeannie Vineyard, Vice President, Engineering, Liquid Machines

Just one year previously, Liquid Machines had been struggling to integrate their various agile teams. With each team using its own version of agile and its own agile tool, the overall software development picture was a bit chaotic. Today, Liquid Machines has teams in multiple countries, all working together with one process and one tool; and, according to Jeannie Vineyard, VP Engineering for Liquid Machines, €œYes, Version One is definitely a part of that success.€

Read on to learn how Liquid Machines now tracks more than 650 backlog items using VersionOne Enterprise.


€œThe learning curve on VersionOne was fast – the workflow was straightforward and reinforced agile concepts, while the UI was so intuitive that our developers were able to begin using the tool immediately. They just got it. VersionOne works.€

– Emmanuel Szabados, Agile Coach,, Hi-Media Publishing Network

As a result of their recent acquisition by Hi-Media, Fotolog was poised to make a number of enhancements to support more than 18 million members of the world€™s #1 photo-blogging website. The problem was that they had begun adopting Extreme Programming (XP) processes for the first time eight months earlier, which were not bringing them the results they had expected. Development was chaotic, reports were cumbersome or non-existent, and communication between the team and the product owner was strained. In response, Fotolog brought in Agile coach Emmanuel Szabados to restructure the development team and to promote Agile development in the management and executive levels as well.

Read the Fotolog Success Story and how VersionOne Enterprise supports their XP/Scrum hybrid methodology.

alpha bay

€œAll of engineering is run through VersionOne – literally every part of the development process uses it. It keeps us organized, aligned, and moving rapidly.€

– Jeromy Wilson, Director of Product Management, Alpha Bay Corporation

Alpha Bay Corporation gives multi-channel retailers a powerful solution for tracking inventory across all areas of their business. They understand that their customers need ready access to data about multiple facets of their business. It’s no surprise, then, that when it came time to choosing a system to help them keep track of their complex software development projects, they turned to VersionOne.

Read how VersionOne Enterprise is a winning competitive differentiator for Alpha Bay.