Agile Analytics Tool

Capture new insights and drive fact-based decision making with advanced analysis of historical project data and dozens of information-rich agile metrics. Empower your team to quickly access the data they need, the way they need it with our intuitive, wizard-based reporting tool.

Get the Data You Need, the Way You Need It

Agile Analytics is a feature-rich data analysis and custom reporting platform. The industry€™s only completely custom, 100% web-based agile report writer gives you control over report design and configuration. Get started quickly with sample reports and dashboards, or create your own reports from scratch using our custom report builder.


Combine Metrics via Role-Based Dashboards

Interactive, role-based user dashboards combine multiple, pre-defined agile metrics on a single dashboard. We€™ve included pre-existing, configurable dashboards for key stakeholders such as Executives, Product Owners, ScrumMasters, Team Members, Quality and Professionals. Each dashboard provides the information most relevant to each whether they€™re a manager keeping an eye on portfolio KPIs and metrics or a ScrumMaster interested in improving team performance. Arrange and configure dashboard panels to suit your specific agile analytics or executive reporting needs.

Perform Advanced Analysis of Your Project Data

Flexible, spreadsheet-style grids help you analyze and interpret your project data without leaving VersionOne. Analytics software provides multiple filtering and grouping options and allows scrum team members to define formulas, and display summary totals. Save, reuse, and share your Analytic Grids for quick access to frequently used views. Your project data in this analytics tool automatically remains safe and secure.


Build and Customize Your Own Reports

Without the right tools, it can be painful and time consuming to build custom reports. The VersionOne agile analytics solution includes a flexible, wizard-based report builder that helps you build and customize reports using your project data. Reports are based on standard and custom, as well as calculated fields. All reports can be shared and/or exported to common file types such as .CSV and .PDF.

Support Your Scaled Agile Initiatives with SAFe® Metrics

New reports geared specifically to address SAFe® are now available within the VersionOne software application to help implement and support this emerging stand for enterprise agile. Gain contextual insight according to the practices outlined in the Scaled Agile Framework® using out-of-the-box VersionOne agile analytics reports, including: release predictability, feature completeness and program performance.


Maintain the Security of Your Project Data

VersionOne Analytics helps you ensure your project data remains secure. Role-based security ensures access policies are consistent across the VersionOne application. This ensures that users only have access to the data they are authorized to see.