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VersionOne is an all-in-one agile project management tool built from the ground up to support agile software development methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, SAFe and hybrid. From small teams to distributed enterprises, VersionOne's suite of right-sized product editions help companies scale agile faster, easier and smarter.


Take advantage of more than 70 pre-built integration connectors to extend VersionOne and create a single, synchronized agile software development environment. Connectors are available for all VersionOne product editions, or you can build your own using VersionOne's open, web-service API and SDKs (Java & .NET).

Training & Services

We offer world class agile and product training to help you quickly get started with agile and easily scale VersionOne across your organization. Whether you're looking for basic training or dedicated on-site coaching you'll find what you need to make your transition to agile faster and easier.


VersionOne has been selected and successfully deployed by over 50,000 teams in over 170 countries around the world and more than 35 Fortune 100 companies using agile software development and scrum development practices. Our customers include many of the leading technology organizations in the world.


We realize that the agile expertise that our partners offer is a critical part of a customer's success in adopting, transitioning and scaling their agile initiatives. By leveraging the unique expertise of our global partner network, VersionOne is able to offer superior agile training, coaching and consulting services based on our customers' specific needs

About Us

VersionOne helped pioneer the agile management tool in 2002 - way before it was the cool thing to do in the software development market. Today we remain the only enterprise software company that has been 100% dedicated to agile life cycle management since day one.

  • Get Unparalleled Management Visibility

    Get Unparalleled Management Visibility

    With more than 50 agile metrics and reports available at the push of a button, VersionOne provides unparalleled management visibility. Project managers, product owners, directors, program managers, executives and QA can easily access the data they need to make informed business decisions and achieve business goals. See the summary list of agile reports below.

  • Performance Scorecards

    Get instant access to a barometer of your key performance indicators at each business level: portfolio, program, and project. Visual cues indicate overall performance at all levels as well as across features and teams. This consolidated view of progress allows you to easily spot and mitigate issues faster and drill down to specific areas for more detailed information.
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    Performance Scorecards
  • Use Dashboards to Consolidate Key Agile Metrics

    Use Dashboards to Consolidate Key Agile Metrics

    Take advantage of VersionOne’s best practice dashboards for immediate visibility into key agile metrics. The Project Dashboard consolidates key agile metrics for any project or release. The Program Dashboard provides rollup reporting across a defined group of projects. Other dashboards for agile reporting include the Epic Dashboard, Iteration Dashboard, Member Group Dashboard and the My Home Dashboard.

    Summary of Agile Reports

    Burndown Charts
    Cumulative Flow
    Member Actuals
    Defect Trending
    Build Run Contents
    Velocity Trends
    Scope Change
    Estimation Accuracy
    Epic Bubble Chart
    Test Status
    Effort Trend
    Epic Trend
    Burnup Charts
    Release Forecast
    Member Load
    Test Run Trend
    Parking Lot
    Project Summary Trend