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Implementing Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) with VersionOne

VersionOne for SAFe

VersionOne helps organizations scale agile faster, easier and smarter. Designed to simplify the adoption of enterprise agile, learn how VersionOne supports the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

SAFe is a €œproven, publicly available framework for applying lean and agile practices at enterprise scale.€ VersionOne has extensive experience managing agile in large, complex environments and can increase the success of your SAFe implementation.

SAFe Levels of Scale

VersionOne enables you to successfully implement SAFe at each of the three levels of scale: Portfolio, Program and Team. Designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders within an organization, VersionOne provides portfolio and program managers with the visibility they need for planning, tracking and reporting, while providing a simple, lightweight experience for development teams.

SAFe describes three levels of scale: Portfolio, Program and Team. VersionOne provides a centralized environment that simplifies your adoption and implementation of agile at each of these levels, supporting the key constructs defined by SAFe.

“As organizations build increasingly complex and sophisticated software systems the methods and practices used to organize and manage software delivery need to keep pace. VersionOne helps organizations apply agile at scale with particular focus on portfolio planning, program execution and team level support.”

Dean Leffingwell
Scaled Agile Framework Creator

Scaled Agile Gold Partner

Portfolio Level

The portfolio level is where the strategies that drive your enterprise initiatives are determined and where program funding and epic-level decision making occurs. Capture your portfolio backlog in VersionOne, and simplify your portfolio planning and management processes.

Program Level

At the program level, SAFe focuses on the principle of alignment as the efforts of a number of agile teams are integrated to create larger value. VersionOne helps you coordinate your PI*/release train to successfully integrate all software assets across all teams in a program.

Team Level

SAFe describes agile teams as the €œfighting force€ for defining, building and testing software. VersionOne provides a centralized system for coordinating multiple teams, while giving each individual team a dedicated, streamlined environment to collaborate and deliver working software with ease.

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