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AgileLIVE™ Webinar Series

VersionOne's AgileLIVE webinar series is focused on accelerating enterprise agile, and helping you scale agile faster, easier and smarter. So don't get left behind! Make sure to tune in for insights from industry experts, partners and coaches presenting on SAFe, Agile, Scrum, DevOps and more. Plus, everyone who attends can earn PDU credits!

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Are you delivering value to your customers/users? How do you know? How do you show it? Learn critical elements of enterprise agility and how to visualize and make sense of it all. This webinar will provide real world strategies for defining, measuring, and improving agility and DevOps performance within your organization. This webinar is for agile leaders scaling agile in large enterprises who know that measuring and improving enterprise agility is a necessity if you want to remain competitive.

Join VersionOne, for an in-depth overview of measuring and visualizing enterprise agility where you will learn:

  • Common challenges large enterprises encounter scaling agility
  • Key considerations for enabling agility across your entire software value stream
  • Best practice measures for tracking enterprise agility and aligning delivery to strategy


CEO & Co-Founder Robert Holler

Robert Holler
CEO & Co-founder

Mark Crowe Headshot

Mark Crowe
Senior Director of Product Management

Lee Cunningham

Lee Cunningham
Senior Director, Enterprise Agile Strategy

AgileLIVE Webinar Recordings

Indispensable Elements of SAFe®

What to Adjust & Fix in Your SAFe Implementation

Are you planning to apply SAFe or in the middle of a SAFe rollout?  Find out which elements of SAFe are indispensable, and which ones you can adjust in your SAFe implementation. It is critical for every change agent and Lean-Agile leader to know what practices must be implemented as part of every SAFe rollout and which ones can be adjusted and how, to best reflect organizational context. Understanding how to build a specific SAFe implementation is key to improved economics of product development, higher employee engagement, quality, and efficacy of the customer solutions.

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Agile’s Next Frontier: Continuous Visibility

Achieve End-to-End Visibility with Unified Strategy, Development & Delivery

As you strive to deploy smaller releases faster, do you have the real-time visibility you need to make sure you’re delivering the best quality products to your customers? Frameworks and tooling around agile and DevOps have evolved to help, but value streams still go dark during the last mile of software delivery as ideas get converted into digital bytes. As we continue to scale agile across our enterprises, the ability to manage value streams from idea to end-user is becoming a critical requirement. Watch this webinar to find out how continuous visibility can help you reach agile’s full potential and why it’s essential with agile at scale.

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SAFe® Expert Webinar

How to Identify & Coordinate Your Value Streams with SAFe 4.0

Are you challenged with building complex systems? Then you don’t want to miss this webinar for insights on using SAFe 4.0 for applying Lean and Agile practices at enterprise scale. Watch this this free AgileLIVE SAFe Expert webinar and you’ll learn how to identify and coordinate your large value streams with the latest version of SAFe 4.0. The webinar will include a combination of presentation and interactive participation, so come ready to listen, learn, and engage in the discussion.

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SAFe® 4.0 & VersionOne

Fast Forward with Enterprise Scale Agile

Are you looking for ways to scale enterprise agile faster, easier, and smarter? Watch this two-part webinar series for insights on successfully implementing SAFe 4.0, the latest version of the framework for applying lean and agile practices at enterprise scale. With VersionOne’s unparalleled support of SAFe 4.0, it’s the perfect combination for success. You’ll learn how to accelerate enterprise scale software development and delivery with the latest enhancements to the Scaled Agile Framework.

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Build a DevOps Culture & Infrastructure for Success

Companies around the world are jumping on the DevOps bandwagon with many projects and teams using a proliferation of automation tools and custom scripts. While we’re creating faster deployments, does this create more chaos and fragmentation than ever before? Find out what it takes to build the right culture and infrastructure for real DevOps success.

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Scale Agile Faster, Easier, Smarter with Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) and VersionOne

Are you looking for ways to scale agile faster, easier, and smarter? Are you considering the different scaling methodologies, including SAFe? Watch this free, two-part webinar series for insights on successfully implementing SAFe, a proven, publicly available framework for applying lean and agile practices at enterprise scale. With VersionOne’s extensive support of SAFe, including SAFe 3.0, it’s the perfect combination for success.

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CA PPM and VersionOne
Portfolio Strategy + Agile Execution: Coordinating, Not Competing

Are your agile and traditional project teams executing under one unified portfolio strategy or are you trying to manage tactical projects competing for corporate funding? James Chan, director, technical presales, CA Technologies, and Brian Irwin, agile consultant, at VersionOne, share insights on using integrated solutions to get full portfolio visibility, top-down strategic alignment, and human resource management with agile execution.

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Collaboration that Scales
Connecting Teams and Programs Via Essential Conversations

In Part 1 of this webinar series, David Hussman, well-known agility coach, instructor, and practitioner, shares insights into the essentials you need to know to successfully expand the power of effective collaboration and the delivery of great software. In Part 2, Andy Powell, Product Evangelist, and Bob Vincent, Product Manager, demonstrate how VersionOne provides the most advanced end-to-end framework for enabling enterprise-wide collaboration and decision-making.

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Getting to Done – The Power of Scrum

Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum and author of Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, shares proven and often quite simple ways to move teams from mediocre to great. You’ll learn how to quickly identify the reasons why teams aren’t getting to done, so you can eliminate them one by one.

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Scaling Agile to the Program & Portfolio Levels

In Part 1 of this webinar series, David Rubinstein, editor-in-chief for SD Times, along with Dave Gunther and Mike McLaughlin, both agile coaches with VersionOne, explore the five key questions you need to consider when scaling agile to the program and portfolio levels. In Part 2, Andy Powell, product evangelist for VersionOne, discusses how an agile application lifecycle management (agile ALM) platform can help you scale enterprise agility faster, easier and smarter.

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The Challenges and Rewards of DevOps

Is your organization looking for ways to reduce time from idea to delivery? In Part 1, Damon Poole, chief agilist for Eliassen Group€™s Agile Practice, and Steve Ropa, an agile coach with VersionOne share insights which you can apply immediately. In Part 2 Ian Culling, CTO, and Andy Powell, VP, Customer Experience, at VersionOne, discuss how an agile ALM platform can accelerate DevOps benefits.

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Accelerate Enterprise Agile Adoption with Scaled Agile Framework®

In Part 1 of this webinar series, Dean Leffingwell, software industry veteran and Lean Systems Society Fellow, shares an overview of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). In Part 2, Andy Powell and Lee Cunningham demonstrate how VersionOne supports SAFe at the portfolio, program and team levels.

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Continuous Product Learning:

Story Maps, Customer Journeys and Tools for Validated Learning

How sure are you that you are “building the right thing?” In Part 1, David Hussman, agility coach, instructor and owner of DevJam, and Lowell Lindstrom, VersionOne vice president, services, share concrete continuous product learning tools and techniques which you can apply immediately! In Part 2, Bob Vincent, VersionOne product manager, and Andy Powell, VersionOne product evangelist, discuss how the VersionOne agile application lifecycle management (agile ALM) platform supports continuous product learning €“ from ideation to delivery.

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Selling Agile to Management

This talk discusses how lean methods, coupled with agile teams are essential in achieving the goals of management: shorter time to market, schedule flexibility, predictability and visibility.

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Measuring the Success of Your Agile Transformation

The key to a successful agile journey is to identify concrete, measurable goals. In Part 1, Brad Swanson, VP and Senior Agile Coach, agile42, and Aaron Smith, Editorial Director for ProjectsAtWork share pro tips for using agile metrics to measure the success of your transformation. In Part 2, Jerry Odenwelder, product manager, and Andy Powell, product evangelist, discuss how the VersionOne agile application lifecycle management (agile ALM) platform, provides the visibility needed to measure agile transformation success.

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Achieving Business Agility at the Portfolio Level

In Part I of this webinar series, Mike Cottmeyer from LeadingAgile explains what agility means at the portfolio and program levels, and how it differs from traditional plan-driven approaches. In Part II, Andy Powell demonstrates how to implement enterprise agile using VersionOne.

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Agile Leadership for the Enterprise

While collaborative, open, innovative, and agile cultures are highly desired by CEOs and employees alike, they remain out of reach for most organizations. In fact, in the 2013 State of Agile survey, 52% of the responses said that the ability to change organizational cultures is the most significant barrier to further adoption of agile practices.

Join David Rubinstein, editor-in-chief of SD Times, and Pete Behrens, well-known leadership and organizational agility coach with Trail Ridge Consulting, for insights into how agile leadership competencies can drive culture change and agile success.

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Agile Success = Team Success: Tuning the Agile Team Engine

People are what make the impossible possible and agile teams, like race car engines, require regular maintenance and tuning to keep them humming along. In Part 1, Aaron Smith, editorial director of ProjectsAtWork, and Tom Wessel, consulting managing director at Davisbase, discuss the techniques and tools to help build, fine-tune and maintain successful agile teams. In Part 2, Bob Vincent, product manager, and Andy Powell, product evangelist, at VersionOne share an “Agile Coaches Guide to VersionOne”.

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Adding UX Value to Agile Development: Creating Applications Customers Love

Jeffrey Hammond from Forrester Research explores how world-class user experience design practices can be integrated into agile development, ultimately helping you create game-changing customer experiences. In addition, experts from TandemSeven and VersionOne demonstrate how their tools€”UX360 and VersionOne€”integrate seamlessly to bridge the gap between UX design and agile development.

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