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VersionOne DevOps in the Enterprise Workshop

This one day course is for all enterprise stakeholders who have input or influence into their DevOps Transformation Rollout and Strategy.  This workshop focuses on exploring DevOps in the Enterprise and is designed to connect thought leaders with key personnel formulating DevOps strategies within their organization.

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Who Should Attend

All enterprise stakeholders having input or influence into the overarching DevOps Transformation Rollout and Strategy. DevOps strategists, Delivery team members, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Release Managers, Technical Architects, QA Leaders and all other roles will see immediate value in this enterprise accelerated software delivery course.


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According to Gartner, “Using Agile without DevOps or DevOps without Agile typically results in limited business value.”*

DevOps is more than integrating another toolset, it is a transformation to accelerate software delivery. Today, more than ever, organizations must improve efficiency, increase productivity and speed to market while remaining compliant to stay competitive in this fast-paced world.

VersionOne is now offering a workshop focused on exploring DevOps in the Enterprise. It is designed to connect DevOps thought leaders with key personnel formulating DevOps strategies within enterprise organizations. We highlight the unique experience we have gained over the past year collaborating with 30+ enterprise customers as they embarked upon their DevOps transformation. This working session is designed to share key “lessons learned”, best practices, and help you avoid some of the common pitfalls others encountered when attempting to streamline software delivery for legacy applications.

Discussion Topics

This workshop is interactive, allowing you to build your agenda! Feel free to propose topics that are important to you and your organization. Some of the topics we typically cover are:

  • Value stream mapping overview and exercise
  • Gaining improved performance insights between source code and final e-delivery
  • Consequences of Batching vs Single Piece Flow
  • Discussion of common branching strategies and techniques
  • Visualizing and measuring the flow of business beyond the definition of done
  • Leveraging DevOps data to better forecast risk at feature, epic and release
  • Automation and Deployment with visualization review
  • Preview SAFe 4.5 and the projected DevOps implications

*Gartner, “Apply Gartner Research for a DevOps Perspective When Implementing a Bimodal Strategy” 2014.