VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Managing Agile Projects with VersionOne Catalyst Edition

Course Information

Who Should Attend

Team Members, ScrumMasters and Product Owners using VersionOne Catalyst to manage and execute Agile projects


Three Hours


Your Location or Online

Two day minimum and discounts apply for onsite training. Up to 20 students can attend this course.


VersionOne Catalyst Edition helps teams of up to 20 people ramp up their agile initiatives beyond spreadsheets, whiteboards, and bug trackers. An all-in-one agile management tool, Catalyst automates planning, tracking and reporting across multiple projects.

This 3-hour course gives team members the background they need to confidently manage and execute Agile projects from beginning to end within VersionOne Catalyst. A VersionOne product expert will kick off the session with a brief product demonstration of key features, which will be followed by hands-on exercises in your own demo project. Real world scenarios reinforce Agile concepts and accelerate usage of VersionOne Catalyst to plan, track, report on and manage Agile projects. Topics include managing the backlog, planning releases and sprints, executing and closing sprints, viewing key reports and best practices for managing and reporting on Agile projects. Basic administration of VersionOne Catalyst will also be covered. Participants will receive one month of free access to a VersionOne Catalyst training instance and an exercise manual with step-by-step instructions that can be used for reference after the course.

Detailed Course Guide

A comprehensive overview of VersionOne Catalyst will be followed by hands-on exercises in your own demo project.

Built-in Agile Process Flow and Navigation

  • Product Planning: Creating and prioritizing backlog items and defects
  • Release Planning: Creating and planning releases
  • Sprint Planning: Defining and planning sprints
  • Detail Planning: Breaking down backlog items and defects into tasks and tests for team members to complete
  • Board Views: Using the story, task and test boards to maximize visibility and collaboration across the team
  • Review: Reviewing and addressing open items at the end of the sprint and closing the sprint

My Home: View of a team member€™s projects that list the work items he or she owns in the system

  • My Work: Manage and update your work assignments

Issues: Manage issues discovered during the project and create backlog items and/or defects from them

Reporting: Reviewing key reports used for planning, tracking and understanding the status of a project or sprint

Administration: Coverage of the basic administration tasks for managing a Catalyst instance