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VersionOne API Workshop

Course Information

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One Day


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Three day minimum for onsite training. Up to 25 students can attend this course.


Join us for a one day immersive VersionOne API workshop. You will learn how to develop custom integrations and reports in either C# or Java.

All of our workshops are led by VersionOne Product Experts who have years of agile experience. Using application integration best practices our experts will provide hands-on exercises of VersionOne€™s API capabilities that will prepare you for building your own integrations.

You will leave the workshop with a step-by-step VersionOne reference guide including in-depth instructions for getting up and running with the API. You will also leave with one month of free access to your training project to help ensure success using the VersionOne API.

Detailed Course Guide

Rest API

  • Review data structure information using the meta model
  • Pull datasets from VersionOne in XML
  • Query for historical asset changes
  • Filter, page and sort REST queries

Object Model

  • Pull data from target system with the object model
  • Build queries by order and set size
  • Insert and update assets using the object model
  • Understand the order of inserts and updates using relationships
  • Upload attachments and links to assets
  • Common object model errors
  • Object model best uses and limitations


  • Pull data from your system with the APIClient
  • Build queries by order and set size
  • Insert and update assets using the APIClient
  • Understand the order of inserts and updates using releationships
  • Upload attachments and bind to an item
  • Common APIClient errors

API Use Cases

  • Integration Examples
  • Custom reporting examples
  • Batch processing examples
  • Alerting Examples