VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


VersionOne for Product Owners

Prerequisite: VersionOne Foundations Attendees: Product owners who have a basic understanding of agile

Learn how to organize, monitor and groom the product backlog, as well as how to do release planning. Explore VersionOne using your own demo project and consultant-guided, hands-on exercises. This class comes with a free, one-month subscription to access your VersionOne training system, so your mastery of VersionOne will continue.

Learn how to:

  • Create your initial backlog by importing a large number of backlog items from an Excel spreadsheet into VersionOne.
  • Create and manage your own product backlog and the relationships between stories and portfolio items
  • Generate portfolio items and stories from requests
  • Create and manage the product roadmap and goals
  • Prioritize work
  • Generate real-time sprint and project burndown and summary reports
  • See progress of portfolio items and Issues
  • Visualize and manage the complexities between portfolio items and stories
  • Capture and include customer ideas in your product development process (Ultimate Edition)

Specific features covered:

  • Importing using the Import Template
  • Ranking
  • Story Details
  • Parent/Child portfolio item Decomposition and Management
  • Associating stories to portfolio items
  • Request Management and converting to stories and portfolio items
  • Portfolio Item Board
  • Portfolio Item Timeline
  • Issues
  • Sprint and Project Burndowns
  • Project Summary
  • Visualization (Ultimate Edition)

To take this course:

Schedule a half-day private course for your team of up to 25 members, taught onsite at your location. Three day minimum for onsite training.

Schedule a private four-hour, web-based remote course with a VersionOne consultant working directly with your group of up to 25 members.

Register below for a public remote class led by a VersionOne consultant. Courses are four hours long. Each course is $149/student.

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