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VersionOne Training: Setup & Administration

Course Information

Who Should Attend

VersionOne Admins (System & Project), Project Leads or anyone setting up or managing the VersionOne application


4 hours


Your Location or Online

Three day minimum for onsite training at your location. Up to 25 students can attend this course.


VersionOne Setup and Administration is a four-hour training session focused on optimizing your VersionOne setup. From a project tree evaluation to application configuration assistance, a VersionOne product expert will provide implementation consulting and make recommendations for efficient use of VersionOne in the organization. Considerations will include security needs, future growth of the project tree and use of best practices for the agile processes in VersionOne.

Detailed Course Guide

Review your VersionOne project tree including overall configuration assistance and best practice guidelines for backlog planning, estimating, prioritizing, tracking and reporting within VersionOne.

  • Project Tree Evaluation and Growth Planning
    • Evaluate current project tree: Review current project tree structure and make recommendations for improving
    • Growth evaluation: Determine best approach for additional growth to the project tree
    • Sprint Schedules and Teams: Best practices for establishing sprint schedules and using Teams
    • Restructure existing projects: Assist with restructuring the existing project tree to optimize planning and reporting
  • Security Setup and Roles
    • Security: Review best practices for securing data and functionality
    • Roles: Review available roles and determine appropriate levels for members on projects
    • Administration process: Define a process for administering VersionOne within your organization
  • Configuration
    • Configuring Setup: Review all configuration options available
    • Importing Data: Review the import utility that allows you to pre-populate data from external sources
    • List Types: Review how to add and update data within drop down fields to fit your organizations needs
    • Custom Fields: Review how to create custom fields specific to your organization
    • Hiding Fields: Review how to hide fields that will not be used
  • VersionOne Best Practices
    • Product Planning: Creating, prioritizing and estimating Backlog Items and Defects
    • Release Planning: Creating and planning Releases, release forecasting and assigning work to multiple teams
    • Sprint Planning: Defining and Planning Sprints and establishing dependencies
    • Detail Planning: Breaking down backlog items