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What Is DevOps?

The Ultimate Guide to DevOps in 8 Foundational Concepts

Are you trying to get a better handle of what DevOps is all about? Here are the eight foundational concepts you have to know. Read on to learn where DevOps comes from, the challenges it solves, the tools used in DevOps, about the DevOps continuum and more.


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Our Agile Management blog offers insight about experiences with agile development, software delivery and DevOps success. It is our intent to offer new ideas, perspectives or suggestions – and to hear yours too.

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VersionOne® Continuum™ for DevOps

VersionOne’s solution for DevOps unifies enterprise software development and delivery to help you automate, orchestrate, and visualize the flow of change throughout the software delivery

DevOps Origins

Timothy Fitz coined and popularized Continuous Deployment. He previously was the Chief Technology Officer of, and prior to that was a Technical Lead at IMVU. Read his early blogs on Continuous Deployment:

Continuous Deployment
Continuous Deployment at IMVU: Doing the impossible fifty times a day