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Bwin Interactive Entertainment Improves Product Quality and Customer Experiences with Agile Tools

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Case Study

Bwin Interactive Entertainment Improves Product Quality and Customer Experiences


12x Improvement in predictability in feature delivery
6x Improvement in release predictability

  • Transparency of all feature requests (stories and defects) and deliverables within one tool

  • Prioritized backlog and synchronized work efforts across multiple teams and locations

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challenges-icon Challenges

Bwin is the world’s leading publicly listed online gaming company. As a leading entertainment organization, it’s imperative that bwin’s product quality and customer experience be exemplary. Product innovation is bwin’s driver for market leadership, therefore the company created a “Tools Team” that is responsible for researching, comparing and recommending tools that support the application development lifecycle. The team consults with in-house developers in all bwin locations to understand the requirement for tools. They also assist with application configuration, subsequent tool requests, improvement initiatives and tool integration; all to increase delivery potential and secure continued IT efficiency.

solution-icon Solution

To make sure they identified the best tool for their organization, bwin explored not only industry leading agile management solutions, but also freeware and all-in-one project portfolio management and workflow solutions. VersionOne proved to be the best end-to-end agile management platform with strong integration to multiple development tools and an open platform for integrating future tools. VersionOne’s built-in team collaboration capabilities supported bwin’s culture, making for an even better fit. An additional benefit of VersionOne was the single repository of project information supporting centralized data management.

“The commitment of the VersionOne team to understand and support our modified Scrum process and their level of dedication to our success was a key reason why we chose VersionOne,” said Koinig. “VersionOne uses Scrum and iterative development methods themselves, so they understand the needs and challenges of development teams practicing agile.”

“VersionOne has become the perfect transparent and efficient vehicle for improving our development process while reflecting our agile culture – VersionOne is agile made easier.”

Ricki Koinig
Tools Team Lead
bwin Interactive Entertainment, AG

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benefits-icon Benefits

VersionOne was embraced across bwin’s entire organization. Multiple teams currently use VersionOne, including operations, security, architecture, tools and database. Agile methods have been fully implemented across all roles and have enabled bwin to gather real-time, centralized data for crucial reporting.

VersionOne helped bwin streamline business processes and, as a result, they now have a documented, consistently-used delivery management process for all users, in all locations.

With VersionOne, bwin has complete visibility of all projects and dependencies, resulting in increased responsiveness to customer requests and the successful adoption of agile across the organization.

“One agile platform is used to manage our delivery management process: VersionOne. VersionOne enables integrated planning and project tracking across our organization – it’s agile made easier,” said Koinig.