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Case Study

PayU Replaces JIRA for Enterprise-Class Agile ALM Platform



  • Full visibility from portfolio-level epics to development-level tasks for easier decision making and prioritization

  • Enterprise reporting and analytics to help ensure business alignment

  • Easy to adopt and implement¬

  • Flexibility to fit company requirements

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challenges-icon Challenges

Need for Enterprise-Level Visibility and Reporting

PayU is the leading online payment service provider for merchants and buyers. They had been practicing agile for several years across the majority of the enterprise and used JIRA as their agile project management tool. JIRA’s lack of portfolio management and enterprise reporting made visibility into the progress of the entire enterprise portfolio extremely difficult. Executives and management needed more transparency into the progress and status of their portfolio in order to adjust to changing business conditions and set the correct priorities.

solution-icon Solution

Best Combination of Enterprise Agile Software and Services

PayU transitioned their enterprise team members from using JIRA’s agile project management tool to using the VersionOne Ultimate Edition. Based on previous experience, executives and management had with VersionOne at previous companies, PayU was confident that VersionOne provided the best combination of enterprise agile software and consulting from agile transformation experts.

PayU is transitioning from no portfolio management and enterprise reporting with JIRA to an enterprise agile ALM solution that provides the transparency they need to set the correct priorities, track progress and adjust to changing business conditions.

“With VersionOne we get enterprise portfolio management and collaboration out of the box, whereas with JIRA, we need fifteen plugins and fifty hours of development to set it up in a way that is useful.”

Markus Hirschkopf
Development Centre Lead


benefits-icon Benefits

Better Decisions & Accelerated Delivery

VersionOne enables PayU leadership to get greater visibility directly through the platform to see how individual teams are progressing. Before VersionOne it was nearly impossible to understand how teams were progressing in context of portfolio goals, now PayU executives are able to make better decisions and accelerate delivery to meet strategic business goals.

PayU is also gaining a platform that is easy to adopt and implement. Initially the organization will be using VersionOne for three global agile projects with plans to implement the platform across the enterprise.