Our solutions energize digital transformations. Our customers span industries including government, financial, and biotech. We inspire the future by enabling embedded and IoT technologies. We even make software development connect closely to the enterprise with value stream management. Our solutions free organizations to focus on their business challenges.

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Learn from the masters. As industry leaders in agile, we invite knowledge seekers interested in learning about agile and scrum certification to train with us. We have courses for students, engineers, project managers, and management. From fundamentals to mastery, our experts will teach you what you need to know to apply your new knowledge successfully in your role.

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At every phase of your agile journey, we guide your teams with a proven methodology for success. Start with us.

We combine the best enterprise agile lifecycle management platform with guidance from transformation experts who have helped many enterprises improve their software development.

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The CollabNet VersionOne global partner network helps our customers make their software development practices more productive.

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VersionOne is helping companies around the world scale their agile development initiatives, deliver faster and more predictably, adapt more easily to change, align software delivery with business objectives, and make better decisions



Download the “What Customers Say About VersionOne” eBook and you’ll see why VersionOne is the right partner for your agile success.

"What Customers Say About VersionOne" eBook

Find out what our customers say about working with VersionOne, based on a survey from TechValidate, a third-party research firm.



“VersionOne is the only enterprise tool that can manage work effectively for very large-scale development involving multiple teams across the world. VersionOne provides high levels of visibility at both the team and enterprise levels, making it easier to align both management and teams to the new (Kanban) practices, metrics and terminology as we scaled.”

Bennet Vallet
Agile Strategist



“After seeing TeamRoom for the first time, my entire team wanted to use it. It does such an elegant job of combining everything the team needs to manage its work in a single view. TeamRoom has made all the difference in the world. By keeping planning processes separate from day-to-day Scrum operations, it solves the pains that teams otherwise have to deal with. Our teams can quickly see what’s going on and the work they need to focus on without being bogged down. We love TeamRoom; it is a huge differentiator for us.”

Brett Parkhurst,
Director, Cross Platform Architecture


“By maximizing the use of Work Spaces in VersionOne we’ve created and configured individual Kanban projects to manage both our Development and Release Management workstreams. We also track and monitor our velocity and cycle times to help us increase the predictability of our delivery and signal when teams are having challenges. Managing Kanban in VersionOne lets us see our whole workflow and gives real-time visibility to internal and remote employees on everything being delivered in our weekly deployments.”

Mike Aragona,
Agile Project Manager


“The user experience of VersionOne’s solution is impressive. The intuitive interface made it easy to roll out across the entire organization.”

Jorge Rodriguez,
Sr. Vice President of Product Development


“With teams in different locations and other members working remotely, important information wasn’t always reaching everyone who needed it. VersionOne Conversations helped us foster more effective communication processes. It provides a central place to both initiate work-related discussions and capture notes from interactions such as email, IM, conversations and meeting minutes. And as we can associate Conversations with specific work items in VersionOne everyone stays informed, reducing the number of miscommunications and enabling us all to be more productive.”

Barb Mitchell,
Product Owner

Solstice Software

“As a veteran practitioner of implementing agile development, I was looking for a tool that was simple to use, flexible, and able to adapt to our particular circumstances – at a price point that provides significant value. VersionOne delivers this in the same spirit that agile methods use. We were able to gain immediate benefit from the day we started our evaluation. The tool has been well received by developers, product owners, and executives. It has given us a common platform for communicating at all levels of the project.”

Bob Schatz,
VP & Chief Development Officer

Clear Channel

“VersionOne has given all of our teams a common platform for backlog management, as well as real-time visibility into project status and health. We can easily see the big picture, while individual development team members can also focus on the details they need. VersionOne lets us concentrate on our development efforts within the framework of Scrum, while providing just enough structure to stay on top of things. It’s an elegant tool that supports our process and doesn’t get in our way.”

Matthew Ferry,
Software Development Manager


“Quantifying and justifying which feature requests should make the next release used to be a challenge for us. Now that we use VersionOne Ideas our customers have a voice and can actively participate in determining the future direction of our products. By listening to our customers and seeing which ideas get the most votes, we can be sure that the most important requests make it into the release – and with the data doing the talking there is no argument.”

Erik Kaas,
VP of Product Management

Mentor Graphics

“The new Epicboard functionality uses a hierarchical approach to give executives insight into progress on strategic objectives and allows them to drill down into more details when required. Enhancements allow upper management to manage complex product portfolios, while our developers have rich context around the business initiatives for which they’re building product.”

Tom LaMarche,
Scrum Trainer/Coach


“VersionOne allows our teams to collaborate with one another and makes my job as administrator and project manager easier, and our teams more productive. The ability to easily generate reports and share progress with our stakeholders has fostered trust with our end users and inspired greater confidence in our ability to deliver quality software, on time.”

Jason Fulton,
Project Manager & ScrumMaster,
Advertising Technology


“VersionOne is an essential part of our software and service delivery process, helping us manage the risk and uncertainty that go hand-in-hand with rolling out large-scale business intelligence projects. The transparency it provides helps us fulfil our contractual obligations, meet aggressive delivery schedules and ensure our clients’ success. That’s where VersionOne Analytics comes in – we use it on a daily basis to analyze situational project data in close to real-time. With multiple sub-projects, globally distributed teams and thousands of backlog items to manage, the ability to drill into data on-demand gives us better and deeper insight. Without VersionOne it would be impossible to create these analytical reports with the frequency and accuracy we need to keep our targets within sight.”

Mark Waller,
Program Manager


“We chose VersionOne because it provides a great way to maintain an informative project workspace. Like many groups today, I have a distributed team, and it is necessary to be able to represent the product backlog in a way that doesn’t require physical presence. VersionOne tracks features, tests and tasks with enough detail to help me understand where we are and where we are headed, with little impact on my programmers. We saw value from VersionOne from the very first planning session.”

Steve Ropa,
Director of Development


“VersionOne’s hosted on-demand service provides our project team the ability to easily plan, update, monitor, and maintain our projects, along with easy access and reporting for management purposes. VersionOne has allowed us to electronically automate our daily stand-up sessions and provides far more accurate project tracking along with easy access to historical data.”

Stan Rominski,
Project Manager


“The increased team efficiency and transparency achieved by using VersionOne allows us to effectively communicate development plans to all stakeholders, including customers.”

Thomas Rucker,
Vice President of Products


“The commitment of the VersionOne team to understand and support our modified Scrum process and their level of dedication to our success was a key reason why we chose VersionOne.”

Ricki Koinig,
Tools Team Lead


“VersionOne works really well for geographically distributed teams and has a very strong API for integration with legacy systems.”

Charles Evans,
CTO, PP&M Division

alpha bay

“VersionOne keeps everyone organized, aligned, and moving rapidly, which is what Alpha Bay needs in our market. Being agile is one of the things that differentiates us from the competition. VersionOne helps make that possible.”

Jeromy Wilson,
Director of Product Management


“Overall using VersionOne has helped the company achieve its high-level predictability, dependability, and responsiveness goals.”

Joe Karbowski,
Vice President & Chief Technology Officer


“VersionOne’s ability to produce reports across all teams and demonstrate progress to management is a big plus.”

Rene Rosendahl, Manager,
Project Management Office


“Our software development teams are a blend of in-house developers and offshore developers in India. VersionOne makes it easier for our combined teams to collaborate and work together in a truly unified, integrated way. We use VersionOne all day, every day it’s one of the rare tools I’ve come across that developers are happy to use as it keeps the entire team engaged and on track.”

Darrell Piatt,
Chief Architect


“We selected VersionOne because we wanted a streamlined solution for agile project management rather than a tool overly loaded with unnecessary features that we typically see in other products. VersionOne has just the right mix of features and usability for tracking project status and team progress.”

Scott Brown,
Software Development Director


“I like how VersionOne promotes an ideal methodology while giving freedom to adjust to the implementing company’s needs. I absolutely love the integration of open source tools to facilitate implementation. I also like the virtual taskboard; it’s a great visualization tool.”

Andrew Simon,
Director, Research and Development


“All the votes are in, and extreme programming (XP), with a big help from VersionOne, has become a great success for our team. We have improved communication, development speed, and software quality, and are getting a lot of praise from our customers. All this has occurred while at the same time maintaining our CMM certification. We could not have done this without the VersionOne software.”

James Comparin,
Tech Lead