Our solutions energize digital transformations. Our customers span industries including government, financial, and biotech. We inspire the future by enabling embedded and IoT technologies. We even make software development connect closely to the enterprise with value stream management. Our solutions free organizations to focus on their business challenges.

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Learn from the masters. As industry leaders in agile, we invite knowledge seekers interested in learning about agile and scrum certification to train with us. We have courses for students, engineers, project managers, and management. From fundamentals to mastery, our experts will teach you what you need to know to apply your new knowledge successfully in your role.

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At every phase of your agile journey, we guide your teams with a proven methodology for success. Start with us.

We combine the best enterprise agile lifecycle management platform with guidance from transformation experts who have helped many enterprises improve their software development.

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The CollabNet VersionOne global partner network helps our customers make their software development practices more productive.

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Partner Directory

CollabNet VersionOne's Partner Directory is a resource to help you find leading agile consultants, trainers and coaches as well as best-of-breed technology providers.

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CollabNet VersionOne’s Partner Directory is a resource to help you find leading agile consultants, trainers and coaches as well as best-of-breed technology providers.

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Lewis Fowler

About this partner:

A trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies, Lewis Fowler has an established track record of delivering innovative solutions that help realize corporate strategies.  Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, Lewis Fowler is a management consulting firm that provides support for enterprise level companies. Lewis Fowler’s expert team aligns people, process, and technology to implement strategy and build sustainable value for their clients.  From our Denver headquarters, we lead a nationwide network of expertise. Our service strategy, confirmed by more than a decade of successes, merges: Client collaboration. Together, we identify all factors essential to an optimal outcome. This foundation directs our functional solution and team/process implementation. Cost-sensitive execution. Our agile teams are skilled in meeting budget and time criteria across the life of a project. Cultural integrity. We value and encourage exploration, innovation and client satisfaction. Our Project and Portfolio Management practice enables the successful performance of Agile Project Management frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban, driving development teams to generate value through the continuous delivery of software leading to customer-focused results. We partner with our clients to understand evolving business forces propelling the demands for agile workflows to be performed capitalizing on lean thinking, customer requirements and prioritization, and increased value to market. Our team is an enabler of continuous learning, iterative feedback and communication with our clients, demonstrating visible progress and value delivered throughout project and portfolio iterations. As Lewis Fowler is committed to delivering high-value solutions, our ability to engage our clients with respect and an innovative culture ensures the acceleration of quality product delivery, team member development and increased value over time.