VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform



Extend VersionOne and create a single, synchronized agile software development environment with more than 70 pre-built integrations to best-of breed software development tools. Integrations are available for all VersionOne product editions, or you can build your own using VersionOne's open, web-service API and SDKs (Java & .NET).

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VersionOne ALM Connect

For software organizations requiring advanced synchronization capabilities with rule-based templates, configurable bi-directional or uni-directional data flows and automated conflict resolution, VersionOne offers ALM Connect. VersionOne ALM Connect ensures holistic visibility, consistent workflow and traceability by integrating all of your ALM tools and interactions within VersionOne – allowing you to coordinate and monitor the flow of data between multiple tools.

VersionOne Application Directory

As organizations begin to scale agile VersionOne’s open, web-service API and SDKs (JAVA & .NET) allow you to integrate with your existing software development tools to create a central hub for collaboration and management across the enterprise. Available for both SaaS and On-Premise, integrations include IDEs; defect trackers; continuous integration, test, and source code management.

Many integrations (including source code for customization) are supported by VersionOne or contributed by the community. Others are available through our network of technology partners.

Continuous Integration

Link agile workitems to tangible, working software in the form of builds. This enables teams to measure progress in terms of working software and to identify problems sooner.

Defect Management

Triage defects and include them in the planning process to balance new work and maintenance. Leverage existing automated workflows and defect reporting, while adding the practice of agile project management.


View and update VersionOne work items directly from your IDE. Stories, defects, tasks and tests can be tracked, updated and closed without ever needing to leave the IDE.

Test Management

Monitor the quality of your projects more easily by making the latest test results visible in VersionOne. Teams can leverage existing test plans and test reporting, while creating new tests based on current user stories/backlog items.

Source Code Management

View code changes for a story or defect quickly by integrating VersionOne with your source code manager. This makes it easier to track down the source of a defect and perform code reviews.

Portfolio and Project Management

Transition from traditional tools and project management practices without making everyone take a €œleap of faith€. Feed existing project management tools from VersionOne to avoid the pains of duplicate entry.

Requirements Management

Leverage your existing requirements management tool by creating a two-way flow with VersionOne that keeps your requirements documentation synchronized and traceable while adding the practice of agile project management.

Customer Relationship Management

Link support cases to agile workitems. This link enables development teams to understand real customer needs and for support desk to track engineering work through to delivery.

User Experience (UX)

Integrate UX design and agile development. Use personas and customer journey maps to prioritize user stories and create high-definition story maps to continuously release products that delight your customers.