VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


openAgile Platform Integration

VersionOne's extensible openagile integration empowers teams to manage builds, issues, code reviews and source code without leaving the development tools they know and love. The VersionOne agile platform saves time and context switching so the team can get more done. Whether synchronizing an in-house defect tracking system or extracting specific data for a report, VersionOne's agile platform makes it easy - and free - to synchronize workflow with your unique internal business processes.

openAgile Platform Infographic

Agile Platform Integration Made Easier

Enhance collaboration and traceability across your organization using VersionOne to create a single system of record for your agile portfolio. The following integration options are available whether you deploy VersionOne on-premise or on-demand:

  • VersionOne supported connectors are free. Source code is openly accessible so you can build, modify and extend the development platform of your choice, without the expense and rigidity of traditional suites.
  • 3rd party-supported agile platform connectors such as OpsHub and TaskTop provide additional ALM integration options, synchronizing stories, defects, tests, and tasks to-and-from VersionOne.
  • Additional integrations are community contributed or provided by our network of technology partners.

View the VersionOne Application Directory to learn more.

Open Integration Platform

  • Open, web-service API for broad interoperability
  • .NET and Java SDKs for easy developer access
  • Flexible integration options
  • Data Mart for agile reporting and analytics

Flexible Agile Platform Reporting

VersionOne’s open agile Data Mart provides comprehensive and flexible agile platform reporting to access the data you need, the way you need it:

  • VersionOne’s Agile Analytics is a 100% web-based report writer that lets you define your own unique reports with complete control over the design and configuration.
  • On-premise customers can access the Data Mart with third-party reporting tools such as Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Actuate, Cognos or LogiXML.