VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


TeamSync™ for JIRA

Connect all of your agile teams under a single platform for complete enterprise visibility and strategic alignment. With VersionOne TeamSync, you now have a single source of truth to ensure alignment of all agile development teams, make better decisions because you have more accurate information, and minimize team disruption so they can continue to perform and deliver high quality software.

Enterprise Visibility and Planning

Plan, manage, and distribute work with confidence knowing that you have a complete view of progress and effort tracking for all of your agile teams in VersionOne.

VersionOne & JIRA Agile Planning Diagram
Agile Visibility & Reporting Example

Make Better Decisions

Greater visibility to team level velocity and pace helps to build better forecasts and plan more effectively. VersionOne becomes the single source for portfolio and program reporting.

Minimize Team Disruption

Keep your agile teams working in the tools they are accustomed while providing portfolio and program leaders a broad view of all project development progress. Features are passed to the team tool, elaborated, executed, and status is all rolled up to VersionOne.

VerionOne Team Sync for JIRA
Multi-Instance Project Consolidation

Multi-Instance and Multi-Project Consolidation

Consolidate information from multiple JIRA instances, and multiple projects within each instance, into a single VersionOne instance for unified visibility and management of all projects and programs within your portfolio.

Simple Deployment and Configuration

Quick and simple installation with minimal configurations and system requirements. Runs in the background as a Windows service that once configured, needs little administration.

TeamSync Setup Wizard Screenshot
TeamSync for JIRA Priority & Effort Example

TeamSync Priority & Effort

TeamSync synchronizes effort against JIRA work items to VersionOne, as well as syncing the priority of Portfolio and work items. Even in situations where you are not a VersionOne user, effort is logged, captured, and reported accurately against each JIRA work item.