VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform



Continuous Visibility & Delivery Management for DevOps

VersionOne Continuum™ is an enterprise continuous delivery solution for accelerating the delivery of high quality software.

Continuum revolutionizes how teams visualize and track business value from the first commit through production deployment. Continuum is built from the top down to unify enterprise agile and DevOps.

VersionOne Continuum works with the delivery tools you are already using, such as Jenkins, Chef, and Selenium. There’s no need to rip and replace anything.

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VersionOne Continuum for DevOps

Helping your enterprise visualize, control, orchestrate, and automate software delivery.

Delivery VisibilityDelivery Visibility

Track user stories and defects through each stage of delivery, in real-time, as they flow from development, through pre-production environments, and ultimately into production. From the initial build all the way to the end-user, VersionOne Continuum provides you visibility into the flow of business value through delivery, with the highest level of precision, to streamline your software delivery process and reduce your deployment risk.

Compliance, Governance, and AuditCompliance, Governance, and Audit

Control your software delivery process and ensure that every step adheres to internal and external policies by documenting the precise business contents of each incremental software release. VersionOne Continuum’s detailed audit and timeline reporting provides you with absolute confidence that your standards and processes are being followed.

Release Management and CoordinationRelease Management and Coordination

Trace the business value contained within each artifact produced during the continuous integration build process and then continue to track those artifacts as they move through your pre-production environment chain. Generate detailed release notes outlining the exact business contents of any potential product release. VersionOne Continuum eliminates the manual effort associated with documenting each production release and simplifies the coordination of release events across all business stakeholders.

Pipeline OrchestrationPipeline Orchestration

Create automated delivery pipelines that integrate fragmented DevOps tools to simplify the orchestration of building, testing, and deploying software. Trigger pipeline execution using third party plugins, externally restful API calls, or directly from within VersionOne Lifecycle using DeliveryStream.

DevOps AutomationDevOps Automation

Automate simple or complex DevOps system tasks using an open and agentless command and control engine. With VersionOne Continuum you have enterprise grade provisioning, configuration, and tool integration to easily build powerful pipelines. VersionOne Continuum helps you quickly design custom automation to integrate with homegrown applications or connect workflow gaps.

Technology AgnosticTechnology Agnostic

VersionOne Continuum was designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate in your diverse DevOps tooling environment. You don’t need to change your existing tools, infrastructure, or workflows to use Continuum to visualize, control, orchestrate, and automate software delivery value streams.