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Connect to Your DevOps Tools

VersionOne Continuum easily integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use, such as Jenkins, Chef, GIT, Subversion, Docker, Selenium, AWS and more.


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Value Stream Visibility

Value Stream Visibility

Automatically track individual backlog items or defects through source code, binary artifacts, automated testing, deployment and compliance delivery processes across all phase of your value-stream. Plus, with VersionOne Lifecycle you can visualize how change is flowing at the feature, epic or portfolio levels.

Workflow Automation

Streamline software flow through your delivery value streams with automated or manual activities and controls. Map your entire process and visualize it. VersionOne Continuum Controls validate every step of your value stream to produce high-quality software meeting your standards. Increase productivity by avoiding investments in additional time and costs for non-compliant software.

Activities & Control

Flow Metric Dashboard

Flow Metrics

Continuum provides key “flow” metrics around the movement of software releases, allowing you to identify areas of opportunity. Measure time in phase, touch-time, wait-time, and overall value-stream efficiency.

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Risk Metrics

Continuum’s risk dashboard provides insight into commit distribution, rogue commits, risk, and code complexity. Identify key issues prior to releasing code into production.

Risk Metric Dashboard

Backlog Item Timeline Audit

Backlog Item Timeline Audit

See detailed audit trails describing all activities associated with or impacting any individual backlog item as it moves through your delivery stream – from developer backlog all the way to end-user deployment.

Visualize Package & Deployment Content

Track business level changes associated with any collection of deployable artifacts including binary, compiled and human readable objects. Easily compare feature or backlog differences between versions or deployments.

Package Content & Differences

Agentless Architecture

Agentless Architecture

No additional software required to host on your operating systems saving you administration, maintenance and oversight costs.

How to Measure DevOps Performance

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