VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Fall 2016 Release Announcement


End-to-End Visibility from Strategy to Delivery

VersionOne’s integrated Agile ALM and DevOps solutions provide visibility through your entire software value stream, from strategy to development to delivery. Our Fall Release includes several new and enhanced features that provide insight and traceability across the entire software lifecycle and support leading methodologies like the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), including: Program Increment (PI) Objectives and Program Predictability Reporting; Delivery at a Glance visibility at the Portfolio Item level; Strategic Theme Reporting and Visualization; Continuum™ Package Metrics; Bugzilla 5.0 integration and more.

End to End Visibility Diagram

Fall 2016 Software Update Schedule

October 22nd

Lifecycle Team & Catalyst Editions

October 29th

Lifecycle Enterprise & Ultimate Editions

VersionOne Lifecycle for Agile ALM

PI Objectives Screenshot

PI Objectives

Ultimate Editions

For organizations practicing SAFe – or any large-scale agile initiative – PI Objectives provide visibility into the specific business value being planned in each Program Increment and an assessment of what value was actually delivered. The agreed upon PI Objectives help ensure alignment between the development teams and the business so all understand the goals driving the plans and the relative importance of them.

Program Predictability Report

Ultimate Edition

The Program Predictability Report uses the PI Objectives to compare the potential business value to the actual business value delivered for each Program Increment. The report gives you the ability to review each team’s performance on delivering the established objectives within each PI and assess the performance for each PI as a whole.

Program Predictability Report Screenshot
DAAG - View by Feature

Delivery at a Glance

Enterprise and Ultimate Editions*

View by Portfolio Item
VersionOne’s Delivery at a Glance DevOps dashboard gives clear visibility into workitems across your delivery workflow. Delivery at a Glance now offers a “View by Portfolio Item” toggle. This feature shows the delivery state of each Portfolio Item by representing its distribution of workitems across that same delivery workflow and identifying the number of workitems that are “done vs. delivered”. This enables you to identify work that has been completed, but not yet shipped.

Rogue Commits
Within Delivery at a Glance, you now have the ability to fix rogue commits by associating them with the appropriate VersionOne Lifecycle workitem. Once corrected, the new workitem relationship will automatically be updated in VersionOne Continuum.

*VersionOne Continuum required

Strategic Theme Reporting and Visualization

Enterprise and Ultimate Editions

Strategic Themes represent the set of business objectives that ensures alignment between your portfolio vision and overall business strategy. Having visibility and reporting capabilities into your Strategic Themes is critical. VersionOne’s new Strategic Theme Scorecard and Sunburst Diagram provide unique visualizations into the key performance indicators and the Portfolio Items (also called Epics, Capabilities or Features) for each Strategic Theme.

Strategic Theme Breakdown
Sprint/Iteration Scheduling Screenshot

Sprint/Iteration Scheduling

All Lifecycle Editions

The Iteration Scheduling page has been updated to make sprint planning more powerful and efficient. You can easily organize and assign prioritized product backlog items (stories and defects) to a specific sprint and team using the drag and drop planning environment. Visually determine when a team has reached its capacity using a team’s historical velocity along with the targeted and planned story points for each sprint.

More Enhancements

New CommitStream Perforce GitSwarm and Perforce P4V (Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions) – CommitStream is now integrated with Perforce GitSwarm and Perforce P4V. This allows you to integrate these top of the line version control systems into your toolchain to provide a real-time view into the code commits across your development cycle.

New CommitStream Subversion integration (Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions) – CommitStream is now integrated with Subversion. Harness the power of CommitStream to visualize activity in your Subversion repositories.

VersionOne Continuum for DevOps

Continuum Package Metrics

VersionOne Continuum™ has new reporting metrics that provide immediate visibility into the packages and associated workitems as they move through the delivery cycle. Gain unparalleled insights into each release with the new delivery summary and value goal package metrics. You can also get a clear understanding of your work items and the time spent in the entire delivery workflow or each stage of production.

Continuum Package Metrics Screenshot

VersionOne Connect for Enterprise Integration

Bugzilla logo

Bugzilla 5.0 Integration

Enterprise and Ultimate Editions

VersionOne Lifecycle is now integrated with Bugzilla 5.0. The Bugzilla update provides current Bugzilla support, updates to the Bugzilla REST API, and adds access token support. The integration creates defects in VersionOne Lifecycle based on bugs found in Bugzilla. Bugzilla users can specify which bugs require engineering attention and they will automatically appear as defects in VersionOne Lifecycle.