VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Agile Team Collaboration

Agile methodologies emphasize the value of collaboration and rapid feedback. However, communication and coordination - both internally and with customers - is often difficult due to logistics, locations and timing. VersionOne provides an end-to-end communication framework for agile team collaboration to help people work together more effectively.

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VersionOne “Conversations” helps keep everyone in the loop, both internal and external stakeholders, regardless of location. A social-media style environment, Conversations enhances agile team collaboration, making it easy to share status, ask questions, gain context and retrieve information. VersionOne “Spaces” provide a forum for discussing shared topics of interest.

Customer Collaboration

Customer Collaboration

VersionOne “Ideas” is an agile customer collaboration platform that gives your customers a voice in your development efforts. Ideas, an automated idea submission and voting platform, enables you to capture, collaborate on and prioritize customer feature requests and to generate stories automatically for inclusion in upcoming releases.



TeamRoom, a dedicated team-based environment, combines everything the team needs to manage its’ work in a single view. Designed to support the daily activities of today’s agile development teams, the TeamRoom environment helps teams focus on getting their job done in their own collaborative, personalized environment.



PlanningRoom, a dedicated planning environment, is tailored specifically for program and product managers scaling agile. Simple to access and easy to navigate, PlanningRoom enables agile planners to plan, track and measure progress and adapt plans without the distractions of day-to-day agile software development activities.



Go mobile with our new poker-style estimation game within TeamRoom that allows the entire team to participate efficiently in estimation exercises no matter where they work. Because Estimably is integrated into VersionOne you can automatically update story estimates faster without rekeying information.

Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect

Keep up with work activities and interact with team members right from your smart device. When you need to engage in a conversation or resolve a problem VersionOne’s mobile-optimized interface makes this easier than ever.