VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Agile Metrics & Analytics

Dependencies Visualization

Identify and resolve bottlenecks and broken dependencies. Available for workitems and portfolio items, the Dependencies Visualizations let you quickly recognize scheduling conflicts, blocking issues, and circular dependencies using clear visual indicators.

Portfolio Item Dependencies Visualization

Strategic Theme Suburst Diagram

Strategic Theme Decomposition

Link strategy to implementation. The interactive Strategic Theme Visualization gives you a complete understanding of the strategic context of your epics & initiatives, and how they decompose into features and stories.

Delivery at a Glance

Visualize the flow of business value while monitoring for deployment risks. Delivery at a Glance lets you keep track of work items as they flow through your DevOps pipeline, so that you never lose the connection between your business solutions and the code that makes them a reality.


Performance Scorecard

Performance Scorecards

Quickly assess enterprise performance. VersionOne™ Scorecards give you instant access to a barometer of key performance indicators at all levels of your enterprise, with the ability to drill down for more detailed information.

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Focus on what’s important to you. PlanningRooms are dedicated, configurable environments with direct URL access, that can be configured to include specific elements such as portfolio Kanban boards, timelines, custom reports, etc.

My Dashboard

Program Predictability Report

Program Predictability Report

Keep an eye on delivery reliability. The Program Predictability Report shows the percentage of business value delivered by each team, and across all teams, within each release (or SAFe® Program Increment).

Analytics Dashboards

Track key metrics in one place. The highly-configurable panels included in Analytics Dashboards give you the information you need to make solid decisions, for your enterprise, portfolios, programs, and teams.

Enterprise Analytics Dashboard

An Analytics Grid

Analytics Grids

Analyze the details. Use Analytics Grids to filter, sort, group, and aggregate data in shareable spreadsheet-style grids, with support for charts and cross tabulation tables.

Analytics Custom Reports

Dive deeper when you need to. With the wizard-driven report writer in Analytics Custom Reports, you can build, customize, and share your own reports and graphs based on standard, custom, and calculated fields.

Custom Report Designer

Summary of Agile Reports

  • Burndown Charts
  • Cumulative Flow
  • Member Actuals
  • Defect Trending
  • Build Run Contents
  • Velocity Trends
  • Scope Change
  • Estimation Accuracy
  • Epic Bubble Chart
  • Test Status
  • Effort Trend
  • Epic Trend
  • Burnup Charts
  • Release Forecast
  • Member Load
  • Test Run Trend
  • Parking Lot
  • Project Summary Trend
  • Team Capacity

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Maximize Value Stream Visibility with VersionOne

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