VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


VersionOne PlanningRoom™ – An Agile Planning Environment

PlanningRoom is a dedicated environment tailored specifically for scaling agile and to meet the needs of steering committees, program and product managers and product owners. PlanningRoom enables agile planners to track progress and adjust plans without the distraction of day-to-day agile software development activities.

Simple, Streamlined Agile Planning Environment

PlanningRoom makes it easy for steering committees, program managers and product owners scaling agile to focus on their agile program planning efforts in an easily navigable, streamlined interface. Portfolio Kanban Boards and Portfolio Timelines keep agile program planners focused on high level business initiatives and feature rollouts, while an interactive communication platform enables agile collaboration to ensure everyone stays in the loop.

Agile Collaboration Board Screenshot
Agile Planning Dashboard Screenshot

Customize Views To Simplify Agile Planning

To simplify navigation, each PlanningRoom is configurable and supports custom views to display the information most meaningful to you. This consolidated program planning view enables you to review, side-by-side, portfolio, program and team levels of scale, to provide at-a-glance context for your strategic business initiatives and feature development.

Gain Business Visibility For Self-Serve Agile Planning

PlanningRoom provides program-level visibility to make it easier to track the status of your cross-project agile initiatives, identify areas of risk and balance workload. Simple to access and navigate, PlanningRoom facilitates independent pre-meeting prep and clearer in-meeting alignment. Gain full multi-level context by seeing how your features, releases and business initiatives fit together and visually track progress mapped against a calendar timeline.

Agile Team Collaboration & Tracking Dashboard