VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Agile Product Management

Simplify your product planning with easy backlog management. Use VersionOne's agile planning software to provide stakeholders with a centralized view of the backlog and a drag-and-drop interface to quickly prioritize your stories. Align project efforts with business needs using portfolio items, themes and goals.

Agile Project Planning Dashboard Screenshot

Simplify Your Backlog Management

Simplify your backlog management with an online, centralized repository that lets you quickly prioritize stories and defects using drag-and-drop ranking. VersionOne’€™s agile planning software features include advanced searching, sorting, filtering and multi-select, making it easier for product owners to manage large, complex backlogs. Coordinate and centralize multiple backlogs in one place using VersionOne’€™s flexible project hierarchy.

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Backlog Management Dashboard Screenshot
Portfolio Management Dashboard Screenshot

Manage Your Business Initiatives With Portfolio Items

Plan at multiple levels of granularity using the Portfolio Tree, where you can define planning levels that represent your process and terminology. From high level initiatives to lower level features, visually prioritize, plan and track progress all the way through implementation on Portfolio Kanban boards, Timelines and Bubble Charts.

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Group Your Work Items by Theme

Organize stories and defects by theme across multiple projects and releases for rollup visibility into how groups of features are progressing. By using themes – such as €˜Security€™, €˜Integrations€™ or €˜User Interface€™ – you can easily filter and report on evolving sets of functionality. See how work items are linked to themes using the Relationship Diagram and track feature groups within a project using the Parking Lot report.

Story and Defect Organization Chart
Define Project Goals Within VersionOne

Deliver According to Your Business Goals

Define your strategic and project-level goals in VersionOne, associating them with specific work items to align efforts and track progress. Relationship Diagrams show how stories, defects and themes relate to goals, aligning efforts and making it easier for agile teams to understand the full context and business importance of what they’€™re working on.

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Capture All Your Feature Requests in One Place

Consolidate all your feature requests from customers, sales and other stakeholders external to the agile team into one flexible, editable list. Enter new requests and easily edit, filter, sort, categorize and order existing requests relative to one another. Automatically generate backlog items and defects directly from feature requests to facilitate scrum planning.

Feature Request Consolidation Screenshot
Feature Planning Roadmap

Align Corporate Objectives and Product Deliverables

Ensure alignment between your corporate objectives and product deliverables using VersionOne’€™s integrated product roadmapping capabilities. Create visual timelines of related projects and release milestones, designing your roadmap structure to suit your specific planning process. Make adjustments on the fly as business priorities change and publish your roadmap internally for sharing with your extended team.

Capture and Prioritize Customer Ideas

Give your customers a voice. VersionOne Ideas provides a forum for engaging directly with more of your customers to better understand their needs and priorities. Capture and respond to customer suggestions, discussions, and questions in the context of submitted ideas. See which items get the most votes and automatically generate stories for inclusion in upcoming releases. The software is easy to set up and use and will quickly provide essential input into your product planning.

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Agile Planning Visualization Graphic

Visualize Your Project Data

Visualize agile planning like never before. From the way you manage your work to identifying issues, anomalies, and trends, VersionOne€™ Agile Visualizations help you understand your project data in ways that are impractical in a spreadsheet. With this planning software, see how your work items fit together, visualize release dependencies, communicate your portfolio status, and more.