VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Agile Portfolio Management

Align strategy with execution, provide decision support for portfolio-level planning and plan, visualize and report on your strategic initiatives. VersionOne provides full traceability from portfolio-level epics to development-level tasks, giving all stakeholders the contextual information they need - upstream or down - to connect the dots and remain focused on the top organizational priorities.

Portfolio Management Visualization

Strategic Themes

Connect portfolio vision to program execution with Strategic Themes in VersionOne. This new asset aligns with the latest edition of SAFe® and provides business context to Product Owners and Product Managers to help prioritize, coordinate, and drive the work within an enterprise from portfolio to execution.

Strategic Themes & Product Planning Dashboard
Feature Planning Roadmap

Connect Strategy with Execution

Agile portfolio management (APM) provides portfolio-level visibility, making it easier to track the status of your cross-project initiatives. APM gives you the ability to quickly identify areas of risk and drill-down as needed. Align your strategic initiatives with resources, agile teams and projects to ensure on-time delivery. Help teams understand the bigger picture of what they are working on by visualizing how tactical stories and tasks relate to strategic initiatives.

Simplify Portfolio Planning and Management

Use VersionOne to capture and prioritize your strategic initiatives. Visualize and decide which initiatives to work on according to business value and risk. VersionOne’s APM software provides integrated product roadmapping to help you sequence your releases and ensure alignment between corporate objectives and product deliverables. Manage and communicate the status of your portfolio using a timeline view across multiple releases, and balance the workload based organizational velocity.

Initiative Tracking and Management Dashboard

Track and Manage Initiatives Through to Implementation

VersionOne provides a multi-level planning approach to agile portfolio management. Use epics to represent your high-level initiatives, breaking them down into individual features, stories and tasks that can be assigned across various products, projects and teams. Quickly see when initiatives are scheduled to start and end, and the work completed so far. Kanban-style Epicboards make it easy to track and manage each initiative through to implementation.

Business Visibility into Development

Answer business questions about progress and delivery dates with ready access to current status rollups. VersionOne’€™s agile portfolio management tools provide cross-project tracking, visibility and reporting, which provide insight into percent complete, planned start dates, projected end dates, and completion dates. View real-time status updates on the Epicboards and visualize how your business initiatives break down into epics, sub-epics and stories.

Cross-Project Program Management Dashboard
Epic Cumulative Flow Screenshot

Adapt to Changing Business Priorities

Businesses constantly have to assess and adapt their strategic roadmaps to address changing business priorities. VersionOne’s agile portfolio management provides tight alignment between portfolio-level epics and project-level stories, keeping execution in sync with changes in strategy and ensuring that releases and sprints are adjusted accordingly. And “what-if” modeling capabilities help optimize portfolio decisions and maximize portfolio investments.

Enable Enterprise Collaboration

VersionOne APM tools make enterprise collaboration easier, providing a single environment for managing your entire portfolio of agile projects that all your stakeholders can access. Having links in place from strategy through to specific releases, iterations, stories and tasks, keeps everyone informed and aligned at every level of the organization.

Epic Breakdown Example
Portfolio Budgeting Tool Screenshot

Portfolio Budgeting

Stakeholders have the ability to allocate budgets across strategic themes or projects, and can use currency, percentage allocations or story points when planning budgets. Using currency or percentages simplifies the budgeting process and improves communication with executives. There are several visualizations that allow you to easily compare actuals to planned budget as work progresses.