VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Agile Program Management

Agile program management software enables complex reporting that meets the needs of larger enterprises. Manage program-level features using goals, themes and portfolio items to ensure strategic initiatives are aligned with tactical stories. VersionOne's program management tool supports unlimited numbers of inter-related projects and multiple team configurations. Planning and progress are highlighted visually for all levels of your organization.

Manage Cross-Project Programs

Take advantage of VersionOne’s flexible project hierarchy to manage your cross-project programs. With a single click you can dynamically assign projects to programs for planning and roll-up reporting. Plan projects at a high level or filter by program to plan and prioritize across multiple, disparate projects. Reports such as Burndown and Velocity charts automatically roll-up across all associated sub-projects to maximize cross-project visibility.

Cross-Project Program Management Dashboard

Give Your Planners Their Own Dedicated Environment

Simplify agile for the planners within your organization, including steering committee members, program managers, and product owners, with a dedicated environment that helps them easily plan, track, and measure progress and adjust plans as needed. PlanningRoom provides a focused interface that supports program review meetings and complex program hierarchies and offers simplified navigation with custom views to help you quickly plan out your features and releases.

Dedicated Timeline Planning Dashboard
Initiative Management With PlanningRoom

Manage Your Business Initiatives with Epics

Use portfolio items to represent your portfolio-level initiatives, breaking larger features down into sub-epics and smaller stories, and assigning them across different agile teams and projects. PlanningRoom makes it easy to track and manage each initiative at every level of granularity through to implementation. Visually plan, track and manage your features in one place, PlanningRoom, using the side-by-side Portfolio Tree, Portfolio Kanban Boards, Portfolio Timeline and Conversations Panels.

Define Goals and Group by Theme

Define your strategic and project-level goals in VersionOne, associating them with specific work items to align efforts and track progress. Organize stories and defects by theme across multiple projects and releases for rollup visibility into how groups of features are progressing. Relationship diagrams show how stories and defects are linked to goals and themes for full context and sophisticated program management across the enterprise.

Story and Defect Organization Chart
Cross Project Dependency Chart

Understand Cross-Project Dependencies

Capture and manage your cross-project dependencies in VersionOne’s program management tool. Visualize how interdependent stories are related, including upstream and downstream dependencies. Sequence work to prevent downstream impediments and blocking issues. Identify scheduling conflicts, blocking issues, and circular dependencies using clear visual cues.

Balance Your Workload Based on Capacity

Understand your organizational velocity to help you distribute the workload across multiple releases and ensure the feasibility of your implementation plan. Balance work across agile teams and team members, and establish team and/or member level capacity constraints within projects. Rollup visibility into the work scheduled for each team and team member helps you quickly identify potential resource issues that need to be addressed at the team, project or program management level.

Workload Planning Dashboard
Portfolio Budgeting Tool Screenshot

Portfolio Budgeting

Stakeholders have the ability to allocate budgets across strategic themes or projects, and can use currency, percentage allocations or story points when planning budgets. Using currency or percentages simplifies the budgeting process and improves communication with executives. There are several visualizations that allow you to easily compare actuals to planned budget as work progresses.