VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Agile Project Management

Focus your teams on delivering better software, regardless of geographic location, with an intuitive, collaborative environment that mirrors agile development methods. VersionOne’s unique architecture gives you enterprise-level transparency and visibility that keep teams on point while arming business leaders with the latest information. Plan, prioritize and execute work while providing much-needed visibility across the enterprise. Conduct, manage and document retrospectives with an eye toward continuous improvement.

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Prepare Backlogs

VersionOne’s agile project management software includes advanced import, searching, sorting, filtering, and multi-select, making it easier for product owners to organize, rank, and manage large, complex backlogs. VersionOne’s flexible project hierarchy provides a central environment to coordinate multiple backlogs in one place.

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Plan Releases with Ease

Perform release planning by assigning and prioritizing functionality to be delivered within a project, sub-project, or release with drag-and-drop ease. Sequence work, see bottlenecks early, and only commit to work that can be successfully completed.

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Schedule and Plan Sprints

VersionOne makes it easy to engage in a fun, collaborative environment to schedule, plan and manage sprints. Groom the backlog, clone stories, and synchronize sprint schedules across projects. Manage capacity and report on issues that impede productivity.

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Track Sprint Progress

Mirror your agile workflow processes with customizable and interactive Storyboards, Taskboards and Testboards. Keep everyone informed using software with real-time visibility into the status of stories, tasks and tests.

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Conduct Reviews and Retrospectives

Sprint reviews identify incomplete work to be split or re-assigned in future iterations. Use drag-and-drop technology to quickly address unfinished items and close sprints. Conduct, manage and document retrospectives with an eye toward continuous improvement.

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Manage and Report Progress

Teams use VersionOne’s agile reporting capabilities during sprint planning to gain visibility to trends, relationship dependencies and impediments that shortchange productivity. Historical data is leveraged to guide planning across multiple projects and teams.

Tracking Time with Timesheets

VersionOne Timesheets take the pain and hassle out of time-tracking by consolidating weekly timesheet data on a single screen. The weekly summary view supports in place editing and automatically saves all updates to the Timesheet. Timesheets save time, increase accuracy and eliminate double-entry when using our API to integrate timesheet data with external time tracking systems.

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