VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Agile Reports & Metrics

Gain at-a-glance visibility into all phases of your agile lifecycle from high level program dashboards to daily standup reports. VersionOne's agile reporting tool makes it easy to monitor your projects with 65+ pre-built report and dashboard panels that include performance scorecards, scope change, estimation, capacity, test reports and more.

Get Unparalleled Management Visibility

With more than 65 agile metrics and reports available at the push of a button, VersionOne provides unparalleled management visibility. Project managers, product owners, directors, program managers, executives and QA can easily access the data they need to make informed business decisions and achieve business goals. See the summary list of agile reports below.

Management Visibility Report Screenshot
Performance Scorecard Screenshot

Performance Scorecards

Get instant access to a barometer of your key performance indicators at each business level: portfolio, program, and project. Visual cues indicate overall performance at all levels as well as across Strategic Themes, features and teams. This consolidated view of progress allows you to easily spot and mitigate issues faster and drill down to specific areas for more detailed information.  Learn more about VersionOne Scorecards.

Use Dashboards to Consolidate Key Agile Metrics

Take advantage of VersionOne’€™s best practice dashboards for immediate visibility into key agile metrics. The Project Dashboard consolidates key agile metrics for any project or release. The Program Dashboard provides rollup reporting across a defined group of projects. Other dashboards for agile reporting include the Epic Dashboard, Iteration Dashboard, Member Group Dashboard and the My Home Dashboard.

VersionOne Project Dashboard Screenshot

Summary of Agile Reports

  • Burndown Charts
  • Cumulative Flow
  • Member Actuals
  • Defect Trending
  • Build Run Contents
  • Velocity Trends
  • Scope Change
  • Estimation Accuracy
  • Epic Bubble Chart
  • Test Status
  • Effort Trend
  • Epic Trend
  • Burnup Charts
  • Release Forecast
  • Member Load
  • Test Run Trend
  • Parking Lot
  • Project Summary Trend
  • Team Capacity