VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


VersionOne TeamRoom™ – Agile Team Software

TeamRoom is a dedicated team-based environment that helps agile software developers focus on getting their job done. Designed to support the daily activities of today's agile development teams, TeamRoom's customizable views helps teams plan, track, and collaborate with ease.

Simple, Streamlined Team Environment

TeamRoom makes it easy for agile development teams to manage their daily activities in a streamlined interface. The drag-and-drop whiteboard collaboration environment with interactive Storyboards and Taskboards keep teams focused on building software, while integrated team communication ensures that everyone is kept in the loop with project-related changes, updates and Conversations.

VersionOne TeamRoom Introduction Graphic
TeamRoom Dashboard Screenshot

Create Your Own Unique TeamRoom™ Experience

Whether your teams practice Scrum or Scrumban, each team can easily customize its own TeamRoom environment with mascots and avatars for a more personalized experience. Configure TeamRoom to display the information panels that matter most, including content from other sources, to create a consolidated team view. Set your own team-based WIP limits and visualize team progress with velocity metrics and burndown charts.

Kanban TeamRoom™

For those practicing Kanban, your team administrator can quickly configure your Team Room to align with your natural workflow. The TeamRoom will display Storyboards intuitively, with no need to assign a work item to an iteration for it to appear on the board. Work items are grouped by the week they were closed and include lean metrics such as a cumulative flow, cycle time and throughput.

Kanban TeamRoom Screenshot

Accelerate Team Adoption

As organizations continue to scale agile and ramp new teams, getting up to speed with new tools and processes can be overwhelming. TeamRoom is designed to speed adoption, simplifying agile development with dedicated team-based planning and tracking in an electronic whiteboard environment designed to optimize collaboration. From backlog to done, teams can easily see what items they’re working on now, what’s coming next, and what’s been completed.

Right For Your Teams, Right For Your Organization

VersionOne€™ enables both agile software development teams and management to achieve their respective goals. With this agile team software, project and portfolio managers get the complete visibility they require for tracking and reporting, while providing a simple, lightweight TeamRoom experience for your developers. VersionOne meets the needs of all stakeholders with quick and easy access to the information that matters most to them.

€œAfter seeing TeamRoom for the first time, my entire team wanted to use it. It does such an elegant job of combining everything the team needs to manage its work in a single view. We love TeamRoom; it is a huge differentiator for us.€

Brett Parkhurst, Director, Cross Platform Architecture, Epicor Software Corporation