VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Sprint Tracking

Automatically visualize and track project progress using a familiar whiteboard user interface in VersionOne'€™s agile sprint tracking tool. Mirror your agile workflow processes with customizable and interactive Storyboards, Taskboards and Testboards. Keep everyone informed using software with real-time visibility into the status of stories, tasks and tests.

VersionOne Sprint Tracking Software

Track Progress Throughout the Iteration

Once an iteration gets underway, the agile team turns its focus to execution. VersionOne provides a centralized environment in an easy-to-use tool for managing and tracking progress throughout the sprint. Agile team members can quickly update the current status of work, and capture actual and remaining €˜to do€™ effort. Monitor your team€™s burndown to see how much work is left to do in the remaining time.

Iteration Tracking Chart
Project Tracking Visualization Dashboard

Visually Manage Your Work

Visualize and manage your work using this agile tracking tool with whiteboard-style story-, task- and testboards. Storyboards can be customized on a project-by-project basis to reflect each agile team€™s unique workflow and preferences, or configured to meet the needs of Kanban teams. Use interactive Taskboards and Testboards to track the status of each workitem, progressing tasks through each step of the process with simple drag and drop software features.

Give Your Teams Their Own Dedicated Environment

Simplify agile for your development teams with a dedicated environment where customizable tools let them plan, track and collaborate with ease. TeamRoom makes it easy for teams to track progress and manage their daily activities in a single, streamlined interface. From backlog to done, see which items you€™re working on now, what€™s coming next, and what€™s been completed. For a personal view, My Work shows all the work items assigned to a specific team member.

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Dedicated Team Work Environment
Complete Project Lifecycle Example

Gain Complete Visibility

VersionOne provides complete visibility into the progress of your sprints. Choose from various reports and dashboards to get the metrics you need, or use the drag-and-drop tool to configure your own tracking reports. The Iteration Dashboard provides readily available information on the agile team’€™s burndown, estimate and test trends, and member load. Use the Standup Dashboard to facilitate the team€™s daily status meeting.

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Visualize Your Project Data

Visualize the relationships and dependencies between your epics, stories, tasks, and tests using a traceability diagram that lets you easily see and understand the full context of your workload.

Agile Planning Visualization Graphic