VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Idea Management

Give your customers a voice with idea management software. VersionOne Ideas provides an easy to set up and use forum for capturing, collaborating on and prioritizing customer feature requests. Listen to the voice of the customer, learn which items get the most votes and automatically generate stories for inclusion in upcoming releases.

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Engage Directly With More of Your Customers

Provide your end-users with a community forum where they can submit ideas and give input into your products and projects. Idea management software provides tools to capture and respond to customer suggestions, discussions, and questions in the context of submitted ideas. By engaging directly with more of your customers in this virtual idea space, you€™’ll gain a better understanding of their needs and priorities.

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“Quantifying and justifying which feature requests should make the next release used to be a challenge for us. Now that we use VersionOne Ideas our customers have a voice and can actively participate in determining the future direction of our products.”

Erik Kaas, VP of Product Management, Sage Business Solutions

Build the Right Features in the Right Priority Order

Take the guesswork out of deciding which feature requests matter most to your customers with this agile ideas tool. Automated customer voting keeps end-users involved in the process, driving the very best ideas to the top. Prioritize which requests to deliver in future releases and increase customer satisfaction.

Keep Your Customers Involved

Use VersionOne’€™s idea management software to collaborate with your customers throughout the agile software delivery lifecycle. Close the feedback loop on ideas by posting official comments and requesting additional information. Communicate the delivery status of each idea by marking it as €˜Planned€™ or €˜Completed,€™ using notifications to keep your community of contributors up-to-date.

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Product Innovation Forum Example

Drive Product Innovation

VersionOne Ideas is easy to set up and use, providing a centralized and secure €œidea backlog.€ Create public and/or private forums, each of which can be customized to incorporate your own logo, legal terms, and branded header and footer. See which customers have voted for which ideas for further follow-up. Moderators can flag and remove inappropriate content, and block user abuse by preventing participation.