VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


VersionOne Catalyst Edition

Ramp up your agile initiative beyond spreadsheets, whiteboards, and bug trackers with VersionOne Catalyst. An all-in-one agile management tool, Catalyst automates planning, tracking and reporting across multiple projects. Built from the ground up to support and reinforce agile development processes, Catalyst helps teams accelerate their adoption of agile.

VersionOne Storyboard

All-in-One Agile Management Tool

Manage all of your stories, defects, tasks, tests and issues in a single location. Plan, track, and report across multiple releases and iterations. Provide better visibility into your development process across all of your stakeholders. Use interactive Kanban/story boards, task boards, and test boards to simplify team collaboration and communication.

Agile Management Dashboard
Centralized Backlog Management Example

Centralized Backlog Management

Simplify your backlog management with an online, centralized repository that lets you quickly prioritize stories and defects using drag-and-drop ranking. Advanced searching, sorting, filtering and multi-select make it easier for product owners to manage large, complex backlogs. Coordinate multiple backlogs in one place using VersionOne’s flexible project hierarchy.

Improved Predictability

Visually plan your releases and iterations using simple drag-and-drop to assign items from the backlog and allocate them as needed to balance workloads and meet delivery dates. As releases and iterations get underway, monitor progress in real-time using custom board views and burndown charts. Issue management helps you track and communicate project-wide impediments that need addressing before they impact the performance and delivery of the team.

Release Burndown Planning
Agile Data Visualization Example

Visibility for all Stakeholders

Extend visibility beyond your development team to include other stakeholders, providing a real-time, shared view of project plans and progress to keep everyone in sync. Stakeholders can access high level status updates with the ability to drill down into the details as needed. Team members can see, manage and react to what’s going on with the project in real-time using interactive story, task and test boards.

Team Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration among team members with a built-in, interactive communication platform called Conversations. Especially helpful for remote team members, Conversations lets participants send messages, follow each other, contribute to project-related discussions and connect over general topics of interest.

Integrated Project Communication
Agile Project Reporting

Project Reporting

More than 15 agile reports and metrics are available to help teams make informed decisions and keep projects on track. From cross-project reporting to release, iteration and team-level metrics, create the reports you need at the push of a button. Get accurate insight into your burndown and velocity trends, and generate quick list reports for stories, defects, tasks and tests.

Reinforcing Agile Processes

VersionOne’s navigation workflow aligns intuitively with agile planning practices, guiding users through each step of the agile process without being prescriptive. An intuitively simple UI makes the tool easy for new users to learn and navigate, helping teams adopt agile concepts faster and continually reinforcing best practices.

Simple Agile Workflow Example
Customized Reporting and Dashboards

Agile Your Way

VersionOne gives you the flexibility to mirror your internal agile processes and adapt them as you evolve. Customize your story, task and test boards to reflect your workflow so that they make sense for the way your team works. You can also customize views, list fields and display values to ensure data consistency across your team.

Open Integration Platform

VersionOne’s open, web-service API and Java and .NET SDKs allow you to integrate easily with your existing software development tools. More than 70 integration connectors are available for the most commonly used IDEs, defect trackers, test tools, source code, requirements management and continuous integration tools.

Open Integration Platform