VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


VersionOne Team Edition

Get up and running in minutes with the industry's #1 Scrum tool. By combining VersionOne's agile project management expertise with the needs of small teams, VersionOne's FREE Team Edition is the perfect way to get started with agile.

VersionOne Storyboard

Drag-and-Drop Planning

Easily plan and manage your project backlog within a single environment. Consolidate, prioritize and rank stories and defects within projects via simple drag-and-drop and multi-select actions.

Backlog Management Dashboard

Easy Backlog Management

Interactive Story and Taskboard Example

Interactive Board Views

Interactive Story and Taskboard

Track and update progress painlessly using VersionOne’s whiteboard style, interactive Storyboard, Taskboard, and Testboard. Customize cards with at-a-glance visual cues for the metrics most important to you.

Sprint Planning & Tracking

Tightly integrated management of stories, defects, tasks, and tests. Assign and prioritize functionality to be delivered within a project, sub-project or release with drag-and-drop ease.

Sprint Planning and Tracking Tool

Drag-and-Drop Sprint Assignment

Defect and Impediment Management

Integrated Defect & Impediment Management

Defect & Impediment Tracking

Track and resolve defects and project impediments throughout your agile software development life cycle. Prioritization of defects in the same backlog as stories enables team members to see a single prioritized list of their work.


Enhance team collaboration using social media-style communication to discuss work topics and ideas. Share status, ask questions, and gain context. Create a project memory that keeps everyone in the loop regardless of location.

Integrated Project Communication

Integrated Project Communication

Agile Reporting

Forecasting & €œWhat-If€ Analysis

Agile Reporting

Visualize team progression through a set of work using automatically generated Release Burndown, Sprint Burndown, Velocity, and Test Trend reporting.

Open Integration Platform

VersionOne’s open, web-service API and SDKs (Java & .NET) allow you to easily integrate with your existing software development tools. View all integrations

Open Integration with Multiple Platforms

Open Integration Platform