VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Agile Release Planning

Plan and assign your prioritized backlog to releases and teams using a simple drag-and-drop whiteboard planning environment. Predict delivery dates and scope with confidence using "what-if" analysis to understand and communicate trade-offs.

Agile Release Planning

Visibility Across Your Value Stream

Delivery at a Glance is a DevOps visualization that provides valuable insights into the current state of your delivery pipeline. Pulling data directly from the packages in VersionOne Continuum, you gain clear visibility into the development of your products from inception all the way to delivery. Teams can quickly identify their work items & commits contained in different packages and watch them increase in maturity as they flow across the value stream.

Delivery at a Glance
Plan Releases With Ease

Plan Your Releases With Ease

Assign and prioritize functionality to be delivered within a project, release and/or team with drag-and-drop ease. Access historical release burndown data and estimate trends to guide you through the planning process. Release dependency diagrams help you sequence work to prevent downstream impediments and blocking issues. Identify scheduling conflicts, blocking issues, and circular dependencies using clear visual cues.

Define and Coordinate Multiple Teams

VersionOne supports multi-team agile release planning, making it easy to define multiple teams and then schedule work across those teams. Organize and assign functionality, stories and defects by team. Segmenting the workload enables you to track the progress of each scrum team separately.

Coordinate Releases with Multiple Teams
Predictability of Release Graph

Increase the Predictability of Your Delivery Dates

Perform “what if” analysis as part of your agile release planning. Use this tool to forecast the completion date of your release and calculate the number of iterations required to complete the release. Adjust remaining scope and team velocity to reflect resource changes that could be made to achieve a different completion date. Use release forecasting to increase the accuracy of your predicted completion dates and to improve the reliability of your project delivery.

Regression Test Planning

Create multiple test plans for each project or release to cover different types of testing, such as core functionality, specific features or performance testing. Release planning software provides team members with complete visibility into acceptance and regression testing progress via an interactive Testboard. Include third-party testing results in your dashboards and reports using VersionOne€™s integration connectors.

Regression Testing Screenshot