VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Sprint Planning

VersionOne provides a flexible "whiteboard" experience to agile sprint planning. Centralized, real-time backlog management, team capacity planning and prioritization are made easy - even when multiple teams and multiple agile methodologies are at play. VersionOne's agile sprint planning capabilities allow team members to engage in a fun, collaborative environment while giving you time-saving management capabilities and visibility you can't get with conventional sprint planning methods.

VersionOne Sprint Planning Dashboard Screenshot

Schedule and Plan Your Sprints

VersionOne makes it easy to visualize, schedule and plan your current and future sprints. Groom the product backlog with ease and clone stories to save time and error during the agile sprint planning process. Synchronize sprint schedules across projects or customize them to meet each project’s needs. Visually lay out your sprints and assign prioritized functionality to each sprint bucket via a simple, whiteboard agile sprint planning environment. Use the team’s historical velocity as a guide to determine how much work to assign to each sprint.

Sprint/Iteration Scheduling Screenshot
VersionOne Sprint Summary Screenshot

Plan the Delivery of Each Work Item

Figuring out who owns which work items, and exactly how long each will take, is a painstaking step in the agile sprint planning process. VersionOne streamlines this process by clearly defining criteria and forecasting effort in much less time than traditional sprint planning exercises. In VersionOne you can easily break down stories and defects into tasks and acceptance tests, provide detailed estimates and assign ownership, all within a single, integrated agile sprint planning tool. Print backlog items and tasks as physical story cards to help team members with sprint planning exercises in a visually fun team environment.

Manage Team Member Capacity

How do you deliver on customer commitments without overloading the team? VersionOne enables agile teams to easily align sprint goals with product owners and make only realistic customer commitments during the agile sprint planning process. Capture the available capacity for members working across multiple projects and/or teams for the upcoming sprint. Quickly determine when the team has reached its estimated capacity, and balance the workload appropriately across team members. This can be particularly helpful in agile sprint planning for teams whose member participation varies greatly from one sprint to the next.

Capacity Planning Video
Team Capacity Tracking Dashboard Screenshot
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Capture, Prioritize & Report on Issues

Teams use VersionOne’s agile reporting capabilities during sprint planning to gain visibility to trends, relationship dependencies and impediments that shortchange productivity. Automatically generate stories and defects from issues to track and manage each impediment through resolution. Customize views and use visual cues to see upstream and downstream dependencies. Agile reporting capabilities within the sprint planning area leverage historical data to guide planning across multiple projects and teams.