VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Agile Sprint Reviews & Sprint Retrospectives

In sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives, identify incomplete work that needs to be split or re-assigned for inclusion in future iterations. Use drag-and-drop software to quickly address unfinished items and close sprints. Conduct, manage and document retrospectives with an eye toward continuous improvement.

Agile Project Review Software Screenshot

Review Your End-of-Sprint Work Efforts

Quickly review complete and incomplete work for the current sprint, and see a high-level summary of work done and open estimate points. At the end of the sprint, review each open backlog item and decide whether to close it, split the remaining work or move it into the next iteration. Once all remaining work items have been addressed, VersionOne€™’s sprint review software lets you close the sprint and optionally create the next one, retaining reporting accuracy for completed work effort.

Sprint Review Dashboard
Retrospective Recording Software

Capture and Record Your Retrospectives

Use VersionOne’€™s tool to capture the important details of your retrospective meetings following sprints and releases. The easy-to-use software houses your agenda, discussion notes, and areas for improvement. The ability to associate stories with retrospectives enables action items to be captured and scheduled for work in future iterations. Recording this information in centralized software provides all agile team members with easy access to past and current retrospective notes for continuous improvement.