VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Regression Testing Tool

Integrate comprehensive regression test management, including test plans, test suites and an overall test inventory generated from completed acceptance tests, into your agile projects. Tag tests for easy searching and flexible grouping with VersionOne'€™s regression testing tools. Multiple dashboards and reports provide the data you need to report results on-demand.

Regression Planning Dashboard Screenshot

Ensure Testing Consistency

Over the life of an agile software project, thousands of acceptance tests are created. VersionOne alleviates rework by enabling teams to generate a reusable inventory of regression tests. Regression test suites help you organize and execute regression tests to ensure that previously-delivered functionality is working as expected. The integrated testing tool allows you to run a single test suite in multiple environments to ensure comprehensive and consistent test coverage.

Regression Test Suite Screenshot
Regression Testing Screenshot

Generate Test Inventory

Test existing functionality by creating regression tests directly from completed acceptance tests. After each sprint, generate new regression tests for functionality just delivered. Use the tool€™s flexible tagging to organize and group regression tests across multiple dimensions. Role-based security controls user access to the creation and updating of regression tests.

Organize Tests Into Test Suites

Organize your testing by creating easy-to-build regression test suites within the tool. Filter and select tests from your test inventory to create reusable test suites that can be executed in multiple environments and sprints. Automatically generate test sets by combining test suites with selected environments. Schedule test sets within a sprint the same way as stories and defects; this enables you to easily track the time and effort associated with testing activities during the iteration.

Regression Test Suite Creator Screenshot
VersionOne Test Tracker Screenshot

Create Test Plans and Track Progress

Create multiple test plans for each scrum software project or agile release to cover different types of testing, including core functionality, feature-specific and performance testing. Give team members complete visibility into acceptance and regression testing progress via an interactive Testboard. Include third party test results in your dashboards and reports using VersionOne’s integration connectors.