VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Summer 2016 Release Announcement


Unify Strategy, Development, and Delivery

To enhance end-to-end visibility and high-level planning that supports scaling agile, including SAFe®, VersionOne adds several new features, including: Delivery at a Glance for identifying where work items are in the value stream through to delivery; Enhanced Roadmapping to provide a more seamless planning process with multiple ways to view items by status or time; Team-Level Capacity for effective release planning; a Value Stream Board for identifying feature dependencies between teams working on a Release Train; a new integration between our DevOps solution and JIRA; and more.

Unify Strategy, Development & Delivery

Summer 2016 Software Update Schedule

July 23rd

Lifecycle Team & Catalyst Editions

July 30th

Lifecycle Enterprise & Ultimate Editions

VersionOne Lifecycle for Agile ALM

Delivery at a Glance DevOps Visualization Screenshot

Delivery at a Glance

Enterprise and Ultimate Editions*

“Delivery at a Glance” is DevOps visualization that provides clear visibility of the evolution of your product from development all the way to your customer’s hands, right within VersionOne Lifecycle. From product inception to delivery, you can automatically identify work items and commits contained in VersionOne Continuum™ packages and watch work items increase in maturity as they flow across the value stream. Delivery at a Glance gives you the power to track development work past its “done” stage once it leaves an agile team, all the way to the point it is promoted to a production environment.

*VersionOne Continuum required

Value Stream Board

Ultimate Edition

First we delivered a SAFe Program Board, and now the Value Stream Board gives a higher level view into coordination across multiple projects, releases, and Agile Release Trains (ARTs). Gain visibility into the delivery of capabilities based on the Backlog Items being delivered in each Release Train. The board highlights dependencies between ARTs, suppliers, or other teams represented in the Planning/Project Hierarchy.

SAFe Value Stream Program Board
Roadmap Screenshot


Ultimate Edition

Agile Product Roadmaps have been enhanced to ensure alignment and coordination between your corporate objectives and product deliverables. You plan Portfolio Items (also called Epics, Capabilities or Features) in either a Board View that focuses on planned delivery, or Timeline View that shows the duration of work. The roadmaps allow you to add, organize, and filter your portfolio items for internal planning and external communication and publishing.

Team Capacity Planning

Enterprise and Ultimate Edition

Create a rough-cut feature plan across teams by specifying new team-level SWAG capacity. Team Level Capacity has been enhanced to allow for additional planning at the feature level. The Release Planning page supports planning at both the Portfolio Item level (SWAG) and the Backlog Item (Estimate) level. You can quickly compare plans versus SWAG or Estimate capacity and monitor delivery progress of each independently. A new Team Capacity Report shows a matrix of teams and planned features to help you refine your plan by highlighting team capacity availability and overages.

Team Capacity Planning Screenshot

More Enhancements

Program Board – The Program Board now contains filters for Team, Portfolio Item, and Portfolio Item owner. You can use these filters to reduce the information being presented to a single item and the upstream dependencies that impact those items.

IP Filtering – Use IP filtering to set a list or range of IP addresses that can log-in to the VersionOne enterprise agile solution. Any IP address not listed in these settings will be unable to access VersionOne. To enable IP Filtering (an additional paid option), contact us.

Jenkins Integration – Added access token support to the Jenkins integration and validated against versions 1.651.2 and 2.7.

VersionOne Continuum for DevOps

Continuum JIRA Plug-In

VersionOne Continuum for DevOps is now integrated with Atlassian JIRA. The Continuum JIRA Plug-In gives you the ability to track JIRA workitems as they flow through your entire value stream. The dashboard shows crucial details from Continuum’s knowledge of a work item’s relationship with other items, from source code commits to build artifacts, into complex packaging then promotion along a progression of distinct phases of maturity. To obtain the VersionOne Continuum JIRA Plug-In, contact us.

JIRA Continuum (7-19)

VersionOne ALM Connect

ALM Connect Templates Screenshot


ALM Connect Templates

ALM Connect templates enable you to easily setup and deploy a new integration. Templates accelerate deploying new integrations by providing a standard set of fields to be mapped between VersionOne Lifecycle and another system.