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Agile Chronicles™ Newsletter: May 2016

Every now and then, a fresh thought or perspective can make a big difference. That’s why we send this e-newsletter full of the latest insights, events, innovations and more. The theme of this month’s issue is measuring what actually matters to ensure success in agile enterprises.

Agile Chronicles Newsletter

May 2016

Latest Blog Posts

Executive Visibility in Successful Agile Enterprises

By Lee Cunningham, VersionOne

If you could only measure one thing, what would it be? Find out what executives really care about and why visibility into what really matters is so important.

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Improved Project Visibility

By Mark Des Biens, VersionOne

Visibility is the key that paves the road to agile success. Without visibility, how hard would it be to change course quickly, measure progress, or make improvements?

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Agile Metrics – Measuring What Actually Matters

By Sally Elatta, Agile Transformation, Inc.

Do you really know how your agile teams are doing? When we talk about the health of teams, we shouldn’t just focus on the hard metrics and agile processes alone. Learn more about how you can use the TeamHealth Radar.

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Agile Innovations

VersionOne Scorecards

Maximize Management Visibility

Lean-agile principles and practices are transforming the way entire organizations think about and do business. As a result, visibility is needed at all levels of an organization — Enterprise, Portfolio, Program, Release, and Team. VersionOne provides unparalleled insight for decision making throughout the enterprise, from the executive level to the team level.

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 Featured Premier Partner

Agile Transformations

Agile Transformation’s core purpose is to help leaders transform their culture and build healthy high-performing teams. Their team is passionate about helping organizations build measurable and sustainable transformations. Agile Transformation’s enablement philosophy is to teach how to transform while building a strong internal support structure. They provide transformation strategy, cultural, and agile workshops, executive/leadership, and team coaching, AgilityHealth as a measurement tool and to sustain the learning across the enterprise.


 Agile News & Events


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