Our solutions energize digital transformations. Our customers span industries including government, financial, and biotech. We inspire the future by enabling embedded and IoT technologies. We even make software development connect closely to the enterprise with value stream management. Our solutions free organizations to focus on their business challenges.

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Learn from the masters. As industry leaders in agile, we invite knowledge seekers interested in learning about agile and scrum certification to train with us. We have courses for students, engineers, project managers, and management. From fundamentals to mastery, our experts will teach you what you need to know to apply your new knowledge successfully in your role.

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At every phase of your agile journey, we guide your teams with a proven methodology for success. Start with us.

We combine the best enterprise agile lifecycle management platform with guidance from transformation experts who have helped many enterprises improve their software development.

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The CollabNet VersionOne global partner network helps our customers make their software development practices more productive.

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Agile Chronicles™ Newsletter: November 2014

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November 2014

Featured Blog Post

Corporate Values: Really Valuable, or Really Just a Poster?

Corporate Values: Really Valuable, or Really Just a Poster?

By Lowell Lindstrom, VersionOne

You hear about the agile values and they seem to make sense, but what the heck is a value system? And how do you use value systems in your daily work? Do your values really help you do your job better, or are they really just a poster in your office kitchen?

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The Next Generation of Project Management

By Chuck Cobb, Breakthrough Solutions/The Business Excellence Group

The concept of agile project management is rapidly evolving and significantly changing the project management profession. It’s time to rethink what we have taken for granted about “project management” for a long time.

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The Three People Who Need to ‘Just Say No’

By Scott Dunn, Rocket Nine Solutions

“We have too many things going on!” The problem is that we might be unknowingly enabling this problem. Depending on your role, here are three ideas for three different people.

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What is the Prerequisite of Success When Scaling Agility?

By Timofey Yevgrashyn, Ciklum

It doesn’t matter if a big company starts scaling with or without acting Scrum teams. What matters is the way company goes from the “let’s scale agile” decision to the visible results of scaled agility.

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AgileLIVE™ Webinars

Jeff Sutherland and VersionOne Present
Getting to Done – The Power of Scrum

December 3, 11 a.m.-12 p.m. EDT

Jeff Sutherland

Jeff Sutherland
Co-creator of Scrum
CEO of Scrum, Inc.


Lowell Lindstrom
Vice President, Services

Join Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum and author of “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time,” who will share proven and often quite simple ways to move teams from mediocre to great.

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CA PPM and VersionOne
Portfolio Strategy + Agile Execution:
Coordinating, Not Competing

December 10, 12 p.m.-1 p.m. EDT

James Chan

James Chan
Director, Technical Presales
CA Technologies

Brian Irwin

Brian Irwin
Agile Consultant VersionOne

Learn how business executives and portfolio managers are using integrated solutions to get full portfolio visibility, top-down strategic alignment, and human resource management with agile execution.

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 Agile Innovations

Clarity PPM Agile

CA PPM & VersionOne Integration

VersionOne and CA PPM put real-time data to work to drive better visibility, increase transparency and improve decisions, so organizations can deliver value to users faster.

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 Featured Premier Partner

Ciklum Consulting

Ciklum Consulting is a consulting unit within nearshore product development company Ciklum. With headquarters in Kyiv and offices in Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, and New York Ciklum Consulting helps clients work on tough problems despite where they are located. Ciklum Consulting has 20 consultants focused on helping businesses to improve: time to market, productivity, people engagement and quality.