VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


Getting Started with Agile

So you've made the decision to implement agile methods. Now what? Whether you are starting with Scrum development, Lean/Kanban or a hybrid approach, we've got the basics to help you get started. From our popular Agile Checklist and Agile Development Poster to informative agile webinars, get practical tips on how to get started with agile.

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  • VersionOne Agile Infographic

    A Brief Guide to Agile Infographic

    Check out this infographic for a an overview of agile trends for agile leadership.

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  • Agile Tool Assessment Guide

    Agile Platform Evaluator

    Use this evaluator to assess the features and services in enterprise agile solutions.

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  • The Agile Checklist

    The Agile Checklist

    This set of agile meeting and facilitation checklists offers an easy framework to help you get started.

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  • Agile Development Poster

    Agile Development Poster

    Get the poster that has become the industry standard for understanding agile processes.

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  • The Agile Business Analyst White Paper

    The Agile Business Analyst (BA)

    Mike Cottmeyer and Lee Henson, share insights into the impact of agile on the BA community. (5 pages)

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  • The Agile Tester White Paper

    The Agile Tester

    JoEllen Carter from VersionOne explores the transition from traditional QA to agile testing. (6 pages)

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  • The Agile Developer White Paper

    The Agile Developer

    Steve Ropa from VersionOne explores the developers transition to agile. (5 pages)

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  • The Agile PMO White Paper

    The Agile PMO

    Kevin Thompson from cPrime explores the impact that agile processes have on each area of the PMO. (13 pages)

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  • The Agile Executive White Paper

    The Agile Executive

    Jim Magers from Leading Agile contrasts the “agile” executives role vs. their traditional role.
    (6 pages)

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  • The Agile Project Manager

    The Agile Project Manager

    Mike Cottmeyer explores the impact of agile and Scrum methodologies, and introduces new ways to plan projects. (4 pages)

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  • Five Myths of Agile Development White Paper

    Five Myths of Agile Development

    Robert Holler from VersionOne presents five commonly held myths associated with agile development.
    (5 pages)

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