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Implementing Scaled Agile Framework® with VersionOne

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In the Scaled Agile Framework, the Portfolio Level is the highest and most strategic layer where value streams are aligned to the enterprise’s business strategy and investment approach. VersionOne simplifies your portfolio management processes, supporting the key constructs defined by SAFe to scale agile at this level.

SAFe 4.0 Portfolio Level Diagram
Strategic Theme Alignment Chart

Align strategy to execution

Strategic Themes

Strategic Themes represent the set of business objectives that drive the enterprise’s investment in systems, products, applications, and services. VersionOne helps you group your epics by strategic theme and visualize them in various contexts to determine if your planned epics are in alignment with the overall business strategy.


In SAFe, budgets are allocated to value streams, decreasing budgeting overhead and enabling lean portfolio management. VersionOne allows you to allocate budgets in terms of capacity, currency, or percentages. You can also budget by strategic theme.

SAFe budgets by value stream and strategic theme

Allocate budgets by value stream and by strategic theme

Epic Flow Management Kanban Board

Manage the flow of epics in a Portfolio Kanban

Business and Enabler Epics

Business Epics are large-scale development initiatives that realize business value. Enabler Epics are technical initiatives that support the development of those initiatives. Use VersionOne’s Portfolio Items to model your epics, which can then be prioritized, sized and broken down into sub-epics as needed.


The Vision defines how the enterprise’s business strategy will be achieved. VersionOne’s integrated road mapping capabilities visually communicate how your investment themes will be realized via business epics over time.

Portfolio Roadmap Visualization

Visualize your strategic vision in a Roadmap

Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) Ranking screenshot

Weighted Shortest Job First Ranking (WSJF)

WSJF is a ranking system that calculates a score based on estimates of the Business Value, Risk Reduction, Time Criticality and Effort required to deliver the Portfolio Item. Organizations can use WSJF to prioritize features, epics and capabilities.

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