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Implementing Scaled Agile Framework® with VersionOne

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At the Program level, the Scaled Agile Framework recognizes the need to align and integrate the efforts of multiple teams that are engaged in large, complex enterprise-level development efforts. VersionOne helps you coordinate your release train to integrate all software assets across all teams in a program.

SAFe 4.0 Program Level Diagram
Program Dashboard Breakdown

Breakdown your epics and capabilities into features and prioritize your program backlog

Program Backlog

The Program Backlog is the single, definitive repository for all the work anticipated by the program. The backlog is created from the breakdown of epics and capabilities into features that will address user needs and deliver business benefits. Use VersionOne to capture your program backlog and estimate, size and prioritize the features to be developed and delivered.

Program Increment (PI) Planning

SAFe provides a cadence-based approach to the delivery of value via PIs. Schedule, plan, and track your synchronized PIs in VersionOne, coordinating the delivery of production-ready software. Shared Iteration schedules allow multiple teams to stay on the same cadence and facilitate roll up reporting.

PI Planning Visualization

Plan your PIs using a common cadence, and visualize interdependencies

SAFe Program Board

Visualize cross-team PI dependencies

Program Board

The Program Board is central to PI planning. It provides a visualization of the feature completion schedule, milestones, and dependencies within the release train and from outside the release train. Use VersionOne’s Program Board to coordinate PI cross-team dependencies and identify risks to feature development.

Program PI Objectives

At the end of PI Planning, PI Objectives are synthesized into program-level PI Objectives. Program PI Objectives are created within VersionOne’s PI Planning tab.

Program PI Objectives
Release Scheduling screenshot

Multi-Team PI Scheduling

Assign features directly to teams for further elaboration as part of your Program Increment planning activities. View and manage the backlog for an entire Program Increment or a specific team using the PI Scheduling page. The flexible, multi-team PI scheduling capability makes it easy to support large-scale SAFe planning sessions.

Timeline View

The purpose of SAFe’s Program Roadmap is to establish alignment across all teams, while also providing predictability to the deliverables over an established time horizon. Use the Portfolio Timeline view in VersionOne to visually manage your intended feature development schedule. Track the progress of your features against your planned completion dates.


Visualize the progress of your features using a Portfolio Timeline

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