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SAFe® Metrics in VersionOne

Although the primary agile metric is whether or not working, market-relevant software is actually delivered, SAFe® metrics can be used to gain insights and pursue continuous improvement. The VersionOne Analytics platform provides dozens of agile metrics, including SAFe metrics, to measure the success of your enterprise agile initiatives across all levels of scale.

Program Predictability Report Screenshot

Program Predictability Report

SAFe uses a program predictability measure to compare a release train’s actual business value achieved to its planned business value. Use VersionOne’s Program Predictability Report to track this important measure over time.

Portfolio Item Progress Report

The Portfolio Item Progress Report helps leaders know how much work is done, how much work is in progress, and the amount of planned work versus budgeted work for your epics, capabilities, and features. Dynamic filtering allows you to drill into specific portfolio items for more detailed information.

Portfolio Item Progress Tracking

Track Portfolio Item progress against plan

Portfolio Item Burnup Chart

Get the total scope-related picture for a Portfolio Item

Portfolio Item Burn-up Chart

Get better visibility into progress against a specific epic, capability, or feature. The VersionOne Portfolio Item Burn-up chart plots the total estimate (budget), cumulative story points across the number of iterations while also showing the actual number of story points completed in those iterations.

Portfolio Item Completion

Variance between actual and planned progress isn’t always critical, but early warning when they differ significantly is valuable. VersionOne’s Portfolio Item completion report clearly indicates when actual progress against an epic, capability, or feature varies from planned progress by more than 15%.

Performance Variation Tracking

Know when performance variance is significant

Feature Velocity Tracking

Track the trend of the rate of feature completion

Feature Velocity

With SAFe, customer value is aggregated as features are completed. Use VersionOne’s Feature Velocity chart to track the trend of the rate of feature completion over PIs. This chart also shows where features were added to a PI.

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