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SAFe® Team Level

Implementing Scaled Agile Framework with VersionOne

Agile teams form the foundational layer of SAFe. Each team is responsible for defining, building and testing user stories from the team backlog in a series of fixed-length iterations. Built from the ground up to support agile and lean software development workflows, VersionOne guides teams through each step of the process.

SAFe 4.0 Team Level Diagram
SAFe Team Rooms

TeamRooms support iterative or Kanban teams

Team Focus and Collaboration

Agile teams need to be able to work and collaborate efficiently in order to rapidly build high-quality software. VersionOne’s TeamRoom is a dedicated team-based planning and tracking environment that allows developers to focus on getting the job done. Each team can configure its TeamRoom to support the way that it works. This allows ScrumXP and Kanban teams to work side-by-side within the same release train.

Team PI Objectives

Team PI Objectives provide a common language across the business and technology. They help align teams to each and to a common mission. Create and assess the business value of Team PI Objectives in VersionOne’s PI Planning tab.

Program PI Objectives

TeamRooms support iterative or Kanban teams


Just some of the integrations supported by VersionOne

Built-in Quality

SAFe emphasizes building quality in. Through a rich set of native and integration capabilities, VersionOne supports proven engineering practices, including collective code ownership, source code management, pair programming, TDD, ATDD, continuous integration, and refactoring.


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