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SAFe’s Value Stream level is an optional level that contains constructs needed for building the largest and most complex solutions. Positioned between the Portfolio and Program levels, the Value Stream level is where Solutions are delivered to the customer, via Capabilities. Capabilities are aggregations of Features delivered by multiple Agile Release Trains, and may include components provided by outside suppliers. VersionOne supports the Value Stream level of SAFe, and its associated constructs.

SAFe 4.0 Value Stream Level Diagram
Value Stream Visualization

Value Stream Visualization

The Value Stream Board gives you visibility into the completion of Portfolio Items and the cross-organizational dependencies that could impact the delivery of capabilities across Release Trains. By identifying and managing these dependencies, you will ensure success and team alignment across an organization.

Value Stream Kanban

The value stream Kanban is aligned with the PI cadence to apply lean workflow management of capabilities as they move toward solution delivery to your customer. Use VersionOne’s Portfolio Kanban at the Value Stream level to establish WIP limits, visualize workflow, and quickly access the details of individual capabilities in the Kanban.

Value Stream Kanban Board

Manage lean workflow at the value stream level

Value Stream Scorecard Example

Evaluate overall value stream performance

Value Stream Scorecard

A Value Stream aligns complex work being done across multiple release trains. The Value Stream Scorecard provides a high-level view of performance across the entire value stream, and allows drilldown into specific release trains, capabilities, and teams.


Value Stream oversight is a big job. A PlanningRoom is a dedicated, configurable environment that those with value stream-level leadership responsibilities can use to collaborate on plans, coordinate efforts, and track progress.

SAFe PlanningRoom Screenshot

Value Stream oversight in a single view

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