Our solutions energize digital transformations. Our customers span industries including government, financial, and biotech. We inspire the future by enabling embedded and IoT technologies. We even make software development connect closely to the enterprise with value stream management. Our solutions free organizations to focus on their business challenges.

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Learn from the masters. As industry leaders in agile, we invite knowledge seekers interested in learning about agile and scrum certification to train with us. We have courses for students, engineers, project managers, and management. From fundamentals to mastery, our experts will teach you what you need to know to apply your new knowledge successfully in your role.

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At every phase of your agile journey, we guide your teams with a proven methodology for success. Start with us.

We combine the best enterprise agile lifecycle management platform with guidance from transformation experts who have helped many enterprises improve their software development.

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Why Choose VersionOne vs Microsoft TFS


VersionOne vs Microsoft TFS

Our mission is to help teams envision and deliver great software.

VersionOne is a recognized leader and visionary in Agile ALM and DevOps. Today more than 1,000 companies, including 33 of the Fortune 100, use our enterprise-class solutions to help scale their agile and DevOps initiatives faster, easier and smarter.


Top 5 Reasons to Choose VersionOne

Deciding on the best agile platform a be a frustrating task. There are many team-level tools and point solutions that provide specific capabilities across the software lifecycle. As opposed to a fragmented approach to scaling agility, VersionOne delivers an easy to use, all-in-one agile planning and management platform that scales across your entire enterprise.

Agile Your Way

Give teams the flexibility they need to do agile their own unique way. Support for multiple methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, XP, etc.), configurable terminology, unique team-level workflows, custom TeamRooms and PlanningRooms, and powerful reporting and analytics provides organizations a common framework to scale, but enough flexibility to empower all teams to succeed independently.

Easy to Adopt and Use

Designed with the sole purpose of making agile easier, our modern user interface is proven to dramatically accelerate user adoption. Process-based navigation makes following agile planning processes straightforward. Communities of practices help teams scale their practices with ease. And dedicated environments for both development teams (TeamRooms) and management teams (PlanningRooms) makes VersionOne easily accessible to all stakeholders.

Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting

Over 70 reports, analytics, and dashboard panels provide unparalleled insight into plans and progress across your portfolio. From team burndowns, burnups, and cumulative flow, to executive dashboards, forecasts, and performance scorecards, VersionOne provides visibility at every level of your organization. And when that it not enough, our point-and-click custom report designer ensures easy access to the decision-making data you need.

Support for SAFe®

A hallmark for VersionOne is our extensive support for the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe). Everything you need is built directly into VersionOne – strategic themes, budgets, product roadmaps, WSJF prioritization, PI planning, program and solution planning boards, program predictability reporting, and SAFe metrics. In addition, tight integration with VersionOne’s DevOps solution, Continuum, provides maximum visibility across your entire value stream.

Integrated DevOps

Unify agile and DevOps with our integrated continuous delivery solution, VersionOne Continuum. Continuum is designed from the ground up to integrate with existing tools such as GIT, Jenkins, and AWS to accelerate delivery. By connecting fragmented DevOps tooling, processes and data into a single, centralized platform, teams have the real-time insight they need to improve delivery velocity, identify and eliminate bottlenecks, and lower deployment costs.

Why VersionOne is better than Microsoft TFS

Microsoft TFS
Enterprise Scalability & Flexibility
Cross-Project and Multi-Project Teams
Enterprise-wide Rollup Reporting across Workspaces
Cross-Project Programs / Product Suite Rollups
Configurable Workflows and Terminology
Management Visibility
Team/Program/Portfolio/Enterprise-level Dashboards and Scorecards
Advanced Analytics (Bubble Charts, Dependency Diagrams, Heatmaps...)
Predictive Forecasting (Monte Carlo Simulation, etc.)
Drag-and-drop Custom Report Builder
Strategic Alignment and SAFe
Budgeting & Allocations
Strategic Themes
Product Roadmaps
Program and Solution Planning Boards
Team- and Program-level Objectives
SAFe Metrics
Team Simplicity
Agile Process-based Navigation Menu
Configurable TeamRooms and PlanningRooms
Iterative/Scrum and Kanban Support
Timesheet Entry and Approval
Collaboration & Community
Communities of Practice
Integrated "Conversations" Platform
Integrated ActivityStream
Class of Service Swimlanes
Multi-column WIP Limits
Time in Status Reporting
Column-level Aging & Thresholds
Integrated DevOps
Value Stream Modeling and Orchestration
Real-time Compliance and Audit Traceability
Delivery Process Visibility
Built-in Performance Metrics

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Multiple Teams
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Unifying Agile & DevOps


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